Who Am I...

i'm a ghoul

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

when i was a little boy. i would always play with my little sister when she ask me. and sometimes i would always take care of her. that time when we went to school i saw her getting picked on by bully’s. i rushed in and told them to leave her alone. and they started to make fun of us. so i pushed them away. it made me angry for what they did to her. and then annika grabbed my hand. and i calmed down and looked at her. and we both smiled at each other. later then when we went back home after school we were getting ready for bed. and annika walked in my room and asked me if she can sleep with me. and i said sure you could sleep with me. and we both felled asleep. 8 years later when we both grew up i was taking a walk by my self and my sister was at home so was my dad and mom. but that day when i got back. i saw the windows we’re broken. and when i walked in the house. i saw my sister. and she was badly bruised i saw her crying. and then i rushed to her and said. who did this to you!?. and she was scared to say who it was. i was completely shocked for whoever did this to her and someone started to walk up behind me. and he was holding a bat. and annika yelled out look out!. i dodged the swing that the person did and i saw his face and it was our neighbor and then i said. you how could you do this to her! and then our neighbor said ???:if you got a problem with that. then your next. and i started to realize who was missing and then i said. wait. were’s mom and dad!. what did you do to them!. and then our neighbor showed me mom and dads wedding ring because he killed them and then i gasped and i fell on my knees and i was crying a little. and our neighbor started to chuckle and he said. why dont you join your parents chris. even your sister will join. and i started to get angry and i felt a strong heartbeat and then our neighbor hit me with the bat. but somehow the bat broked. ???:what the!?. and suddenly i was quiet for a while… and then i snaped. you monster!!!!!. my left eye turned black and my pupil was glowing red and suddenly tentacles were coming out of my back and our neighbor said. ???:what the!!. and then i grabbed him by the neck with a tentacle and our neighbor started to choke and then our neighbor said. ???: chris. let me go. i didn’t me to plz. if you let me go we can forget all of this ever happened what do you say huh? . and then i said. i had enough of your lies. and you are not our neighbor anymore!. and then i killed him with another tentacle and i dropped him on the ground and then i gasped and i realized what i did. my left eye went back to normal and the tentacles from my back disappeared. w-what have i done. i-i killed someone. i felt like i wasn’t gonna forgive myself for what i did. and then annika was shaking a little and went to me and hold my hand and she said. annika:i-it’s okay. he deserved it. he was a bad man. and then i looked down and then i looked at annika and told her. lets get out of her. i grabbed a blanket and covered her with it and carried her on my back and we left the house and she was sleeping and i was humming a calming song to her. and then i told her. don’t worry sis. we’ll find a place to stay. and i’ll be there for you. The end

My Appearance

chris/age: 16/                    eye color: azure/ hair color:black                             annika/age: 14/eye color:hazel/ hair color: sometime changes hair color and hair syle