Frey Odinson

Who Am I...

Frey, son of Odin and one of the many protectors of this realm.

Romantic Interests

I lay with all sorts of women.

Relationship Status

I have nobody I am with.

My Story Is...

I am the son of Odin and Frigg. Most think of Thor or Loki when they think of Odin and his sons. I am one of the lesser known. Frey, Lord in norse. I am the God of Leadership, charisma, and freedom. Recently Loki was slain by the World Serpent. In a fit of rage Thor tried to take down the serpent and failed. Mjolnir found its way back to my father. My father, the look on his face, pure anguish. He loved Thor more than any of his children. He had been the only one worthy of using Mjolnir besides himself. After months of grieving my father held a competition amongst his children to see who was worthy of using Mjolnir. It was between Asmund, Brenna, and myself. Well needless to say Asmund and Brenna failed in lifting the hammer. But as I strode up to my father, I looked him in the eye, gripped Mjolnir and lifted it above my head as lightning struck it with a thunderous clap. The look on my father’s face I will never forget. The surprise that one of us actually was worthy. He taught me about the new abilities that came with it and what it meant becoming the new God of lightning. He then sent me here to this realm to protect it as my first task. And now, here I stand.

My Appearance

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I keep Mjolnir with me at all times along with some other things that do not concern you.

I Believe...

Ill is the result of letting fear rule thine actions.