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Who Am I...


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My Story Is...

Frost is the son to a Mermaid  Queen Lillianna Leviathan of Atlantis and the Icewater God of the Northern Seas Ukupanipo also known as the Shark God.

. He believes in the Balance of the Land and Seas.  He will protect innocents and believes that people can change. The land-dwellers annoyed him with their carelessness towards the death of Neri’s companion.

Has a companion Megalodon named Toruk The last Shadow

My Appearance

Appearance based on Jason Momoa.

Height 7’7″

Age: looks 35 but is 253879 years old.

Hair: long dark brown

eyes: two toned hues left being deep ocean blue with a swirling water and his right bein a deep midnight blue with swirling snow .

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His true merform



Trident. water and ice magic, Frost bow and summons frost arrows.

My Secrets Are...

For me to know and for you to mind your own business

I Believe...

in friends and family