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Frost is the son to a Merqueen of the seas of the planet Anadore and the Ice King of the Mountains of the same planet. He was the main hero of his planet but when it was destroyed by the Void Frost was sent off planet by his parents to safety by portal and he ended up on Hellifyno. He has explored his new home but found it quite Chaotic compared to his homeworld.

My Appearance

Appearance based on Jason Momoa.

Height 7’7″

Age: looks 35 but is 253879 years old.

Hair: long dark brown

eyes: two toned hues left being deep ocean blue with a swirling water and his right bein a deep midnight blue with swirling snow .

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Trident. water and ice magic, Frost bow and summons frost arrows.

My Secrets Are...

For me to know and for you to mind your own business

I Believe...

in friends and family