Claire Sarah thorn


I will always come back

Who Am I...

A former fox neko now a walking animatronic abomination

Romantic Interests

Mainly girls..cause I've been hurt too many times by guys

Relationship Status

I'm single..I just want to be loved

My Story Is...

I was born in the woods and raised there I gained a love for nature and knowledge I just want to spread love.. until I was Killed by a animatronic bunny spring lock suit.. and came back as a animatronic bunny

My Appearance

A fair skinned white haired female fox neko with blue eyes and a light pink hoodie as well as black bra and panties underneath before I died..a tall slightly chubby tattered springlock animatronic bunny with hair around my ears


Phone, journal, old 10 mm handgun I found with a small flash light attachment..axe

My Secrets Are...

I just enjoy life and think people should just be themselves.

I Believe...

In love