This account is for a more mature roleplay. If either you or your character is below 18 years then please don’t try to do anything other than let our characters interact as friends.


HP – 900

AT – 11

DF – 11

EXP on Kill – Auto LV up to 20

Gold On Win – 0

ACTs – Check, Check


“In the True Lab, an experiement on determination was taking place. However, the experiement falied and created the SHIFT. This created the Echotale version of Gaster!Sans. After the SHIFT took place, the underground becomes corrupted and everyone is erased except Gaster!Sans and Echo!Frisk. Gaster!Sans tries to take Echo!Frisk to the CORE. By doing that, Echo!Frisk will have to infuse their DT in the CORE, resetting the timeline and bringing everybody back. Yet something about the CORE makes the task difficult at hand.” -The jist of G!Sans’ backstory..


Age: Unknown

Status: Alive

Pronouns: He, Him

Residence: Echotale Snowdin and Underpatch Snowdin

Occupation: Unknown

Dislikes: TBA


Personality: G tends to be seductive/flirty, mainly to what women he finds attractive. He likes to toy with the emotions of his prey. Other than that he does the usual things most Sans’ do. He is, as well, more ‘mature’ and sassy than most Sans’. He does smoke, but mostly because he thinks it’s ‘cool’ more than anything. He is an alcoholic, and is drunk the majority of the time alone. It is rare to see a hungover or sober G when with others.

Who Am I...

EchoTale!Sans, Gaster!Sans, G!Sans, G. "Just don't call me Sans, or Gaster. I am neither yet both." -G

Romantic Interests

Females (EchoTale!Frisk?) and Males

Relationship Status

My Appearance

Echotale Gaster Sans x Reader - Lemon Face - WattpadHow Dare You? Echotale- G!Sans X Frisk - Mama Rose - WattpadG!Sans X Reader - late Christmas special | Undertale, Undertale pictures, Undertale gaster


Cigarettes and Lighter


His favorite Jacket


My Secrets Are...

“Secret. What, did ya’ think I’d actually tell you?” -G