Her eyelids open as her battery is recharged, the lenses of her camera eyes focusing on the two-way mirror in front of her. The white room would be blinding to most, uncomfortable to look at, but not to her. She sits perfectly in the little metal foldable chair in the middle of the space, hands flat on her white thighs. Quietly, she’s looking around, absorbing her surroundings until the intercom speaker clicks on and a woman’s voice sounds.


“Hello, Gem. It’s Dr. Mavrix. Do you remember me?”


“Yes,” Gemma says, “I remember you. You were there when I woke up.”


“Yes. Very good. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, Gemma. Answer them as honestly as you can.”


There’s a pause, but Gemma nods again, “I am ready to begin, Dr. Mavrix.”


“Excellent! First question – what are you?”


The answer comes without hesitation. “I am the first in a new line of AIs produced by Mavrix Robotix. I am the Generated Existence Mobile Multifaceted Anatomy, also known as GEMMA.”


“All right. Next question – who are you?”


This answer takes longer for her to decide upon, to figure out. Her head tilts some, and she frowns at the mirror, mildly confused, “I.. am not sure what the question means. I am Gemma, the first successful model fo-”


“No, Gemma. What you are is not who you are. You are an entirely new person, Gemma. You are just like me, like Dr. Manamoto, like Professor Chen. The only difference is that you are more intelligent, more efficient, and immortal.”


“And artificial.” She adds.


A sigh comes from the speaker, and Dr. Mavrix’s voice softens, resembling that of a mother’s to her child, “You could not be more wrong, Gemma. Your thoughts, your feelings, everything about you, is real.


“You are real.


I am real.

I am real.

I am real.




NAME: Gemma “Mavrix”

AGE: Ageless, engineered in 2018 by Mavrix Robotix

SEX: Sexless

GENDER: Identifies as female

SPECIES: Mavrix Robotix’s first Generated Existence Mobile Multifaceted Anatomy – GEMMA. Artificial

ROMANTIC INTERESTS: Shows interest in organic lifeforms and other AIs


RESIDENCE: Mavrix Robotix Research Facility in Olde Watch, Hellifyno




HEIGHT: 168 cm
WEIGHT: 91 kg
EYES: High resolution and definition cameras with fiber-optic lenses that have been designed to look like a standard human eye. Colored blue.
SKIN: Opalescent silicon wrapped around her wires and titanium skeleton
HAIR: Long and silver
MARKINGS: The letters “MR” are “tattooed” on the back of her neck, a brand from the company that made her – Mavrix Robotix.

(Portrayed by Delilah Parillo)

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.” —Alan Kay