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Was in a deep sleep to fragment his memories past. Awoken by Alucard. and unimportant memory wiped by Azrael. Memories restored by Alucard and Greymoon.

Face Claim: Gabriel Belemont from Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Dracula from Dracula untold.






Who Am I...

Gabriel Dracul an elder shadow hellfire dragon vampire and King of Darkness

Romantic Interests

His Light in the Darkness Karlista

Relationship Status

Engaged to Karlista Arvani

My Story Is...

Gabriel Belmont, later known as Dracula[1] and Dracul,[2] is a knight from the 11th Century and the main character of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow saga.
He was originally a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protected and defended the innocent against supernatural threats, but after defeating the ultimate evil, losing everything he loved on his quest and obtaining immense power from an ancient demon, he became the most powerful vampire in history, known as Dracula, and started a war upon the world and the God he had once served

Early life
Some years ago, a child was found on the door of one of the Brotherhood of Light convents. It is not known who his original parents were though some suspected he was an unwanted bastard from a local wealthy landowner, most likely the Cronqvist family, though this has never been proven.
The order gave the nameless boy the Christian name of one of the blessed archangels, Gabriel, and raised him as one of its own members. The precocious child quickly proved to be extremely talented, developing a mastery of the fighting arts unprecedented in the Brotherhood. However, he was also prone to dark moods and moments of brooding that only his beloved childhood sweetheart, Marie, could pacify.
The two youngsters were made for one another; they grew together and soon started to make promises of their future, promises that were always kept. One idyllic morning, with the blessing of both her family and the Brotherhood, the couple was married.
Gabriel took the surname of Belmont, after his love of mountains and the high places of the World.

Before Lords of Shadow
In 1046, Gabriel was sent by the order to capture a dangerous creature called the Daemon Lord. Injured by the beast, he used his blood and a magical device to lock it away.
While Gabriel was on this mission for the Brotherhood, Marie gave birth to his son named Trevor, but knowing of Gabriel’s eventual descent into darkness, decided to leave the child in the hands of the Brotherhood and to hide the birth from Gabriel.
Sometime after Marie’s death, the heavens were cut off from the earthly plane, thus leading the people to believe that God had abandoned them. The Brotherhood of Light knew otherwise. After receiving a message from the three founders of their order in heaven, the Brotherhood sent Gabriel to contact the dead and ask Marie if she knew of any means to save the world. Taking up the weapon forged by Rinaldo Gandolfi for him, the first and greatest Combat Cross that would later be known as the Vampire Killer and an amulet connected to the old gods, Gabriel begins his journey.
He met an old god, Pan, who allowed him to communicate with Marie who, throughout his journey, aided Gabriel in times of peril. Next, he met a supposed comrade of the order, Zobek, who instructed Gabriel to destroy the Lords of Shadow, the rulers of the demonic forces now driving mankind into extinction. Both Pan and Zobek desired an end to their tyrannical rule, but for very different reasons.
His first great test came when he met Claudia, an innocent young psychic and her enchanted guardian, the Black Knight Golem, who briefly aided him in his journey. However, when they stopped to camp, Gabriel dreamed that he stabbed Claudia in the night, only to wake and discover her dead body, indicating that it was not a dream. Finding Claudia dead, the Black Knight became enraged with grief and attacked Gabriel, forcing him to destroy it in self-defense. This act granted Gabriel the Knight’s enchanted Dark Gauntlet, allowing him to launch flame-based attacks as well as fight back mystical attacks from enemies.
The first Lord of Shadow he faced was Cornell, who revealed that the Brotherhood of Light was founded by three divinely empowered saints who led God’s army. In doing so they were rewarded with monumental bounties, transcending human parameters and becoming divine beings in Heaven whose power was second only to God’s, but at the cost of discarding all chaotic elements within themselves. The result of this transformation was that the leftover bodies of each of the three lords in Heaven now arose as their demonic counterparts on Earth, and thus the Lords of Shadow were born. This creates a poetic irony since the Lords of Shadow were the ones who created the very demons now driving mankind to extinction. This revelation caused Gabriel to begin to lose faith in the Order. Killing Cornell granted him the Lord of the Lycans’ Cyclone Boots, which granted him the speed of a beast.

After the Lycans, he faced off against the vampires. Gabriel continued his journey killing their champions, Olrox and Brauner, and facing the puppets of Laura, second in command of the vampire race and the only enemy not killed in the entire game, until finally he reached Carmilla, queen of the vampires, and the second Lord of Shadow. In the dialogue with Carmilla, she hinted at Gabriel’s future when she stated he indeed would be “one of us”. Her death granted him the third of the enchanted gear granted to the Lords of Shadow by Heaven, her Seraph Shoulders, which grant him angelic wings and the ability to double jump.
Interestingly, it is revealed that a “King of Angels” has been helping Gabriel on his quest.
Before he headed off to the Land of the Necromancers, Gabriel faced Pan, his guide throughout his journey. Pan taught Gabriel how to battle against light and dark magic, knowing well the final battle Gabriel would be facing at the end of his journey, and then sacrificed himself, as the death of a god was needed to proceed to the land of the dead. Eventually, Gabriel learned that, in fact, Zobek was the third Lord of Shadow all along.
Zobek had engineered his entire journey. Using the Devil Mask, Zobek made Gabriel kill Marie so that he would end up focused on revenge, and thus blind to the truth of the quest for the God Mask. He also had Gabriel kill Claudia so that the Black Knight would attack him, granting him the Dark Gauntlet, as Gabriel would be powerless against Zobek while wearing it. Zobek loathed how each of the Lords of Shadow harbored a piece of the God Mask, each possessing their share of the power and unwilling to compromise to actually make use of it. Thus Gabriel was the ideal pawn to eliminate them and reunite the pieces, which he did. After revealing all of this, Zobek electrocuted Gabriel, but was in turn burned alive as Satan materialized from the flames that consume him.
Satan revealed himself as the real mastermind behind the whole plot, implanting knowledge of all the dark arts into Zobek to aid him in his quest to set up the entire charade with Gabriel, and was the real power behind sealing off access to the heavens for all deceased pure spirits. Marie persuaded all the souls trapped in limbo to revive Gabriel. Satan offered Gabriel a place at his side, but Gabriel refused, telling Satan that his lust for power was what caused his fall from grace. Angered, Satan put on the God Mask and initiated the final battle.
At the climax of the duel, Gabriel grabbed Satan, and after opening himself to the light, invoked a divine ritual, possibly the same that gave birth to the Lords of Shadow, sending Satan back to Hell. After this, Gabriel met with Marie one final time, discovering that the God Mask did not hold the power to resurrect the dead as he had hoped. Giving her husband one last kiss, Marie departed for Heaven, taking the God Mask with her. Watching as she and all the other dead departed, including Claudia, who appears briefly to say goodbye, Gabriel was then left alone and on his knees, weeping for his beloved.
Soon after, Gabriel was summoned by Laura to the Bernhard castle. There he learned that by killing the three Lords of Shadow, Gabriel has unleashed a new menace: the Forgotten One, an incredibly powerful demon whom the founders of the Brotherhood had imprisoned deep in the center of the castle. Laura and Gabriel decided they must find the entrance to the ancient fortress of the Brotherhood.
After opening the gate to the Brotherhood fortress, Gabriel and Laura traveled through the ancient castle and gathered the blood of the three founders in order to open the gate to the Forgotten One’s chamber. However, only dark beings could enter into the dimension where the Forgotten One was kept. To bypass this, Laura asked Gabriel to drink all of her blood and release her from her immortal torment. With reluctance, Gabriel did as she asked, killing Laura while he himself became a creature of the night. He stepped through the gate alone to confront what awaited him.
Gabriel entered the Dimensional Prison to seek the demon. He showed signs of darkness, including renouncing his humanity, hunger for violence, and partial insanity. After unlocking the doors, he found The Forgotten One emerging from lava, climbing the rocks to open the portals to the original realm, despite the demon being in a weakened state. The two fought and came to a draw, causing The Forgotten One to retake his power and move on to the Underworld, the final plane before entering the mortal realm.
Gabriel followed The Forgotten One and showed more signs of darkness. He claimed that he was darker and more terrible than The Forgotten One and that the creature would beg for mercy before the end. He confronted the demon again, and after the battle, The Forgotten One finally opened the portal, mocking Gabriel that the portal was open and that he would let him live to watch the world’s destruction and claimed that he had failed his mission. However, just when the Forgotten One was about to reclaim the part of his power he had sent to unlock the seal, Gabriel intervened and absorbed the Forgotten One’s demonic power. While the Forgotten One begged for mercy, Gabriel used his new-found power to destroy the demon once and for all. Just before leaving the Underworld, Gabriel destroyed the Vampire Killer, leaving the pieces lying broken and forgotten within the dark dimension.
Gabriel became an immortal vampire and took on the name of Dracul, but the people knew him as Dracula. He made Carmilla’s castle his own fortress and grew to master new forms of magic, such as the Void and Chaos, as well as command new legions of monsters. The Brotherhood of Light sought to kill Dracula, being partially responsible for his fate and for being a vampire and sent many knights to the castle to slay him, all of whom failed. At the same time, Dracula sought to take his revenge on the Brotherhood and remake the world as he saw fit. When he came of age, Gabriel’s son, Trevor, was finally informed by the Elders of the truth of his parentage and started a journey to defeat his demonic father and avenge his mother.
Dracula was confronted by Trevor at the top of his castle, in the chamber of the Mirror of Fate where years ago Gabriel fought Carmilla. He saw that he carried a copy of the Combat Cross, and asked for the name of its user. Trevor did not tell his name but did tell him he knew who and what his father was and that he was there to remove the stain upon his family name and avenge the death of his mother. Dracula was amused by Trevor’s personal motives and the dark lord took a moment to explain his nihilistic views of life and death, believing he sent his victims to a better place before making it clear he had no intentions of knowing them and that he did not know his mother.
Trevor vehemently told his unknowing father that he did know her, and he swore to tell him her name when he killed him. Angered by the boy’s arrogance, Dracula summoned his Void Sword and an intense battle began between father and son. During combat, Dracula switched between his Void Sword and Chaos Claws, using his new powers to their fullest extent against Trevor, but the younger warrior countered with his own combat skills and Light and Shadow magic to match Dracula’s weapons.
Dracula took the fight into the air but was knocked back down to the chamber below, with Trevor falling after him and roaring he would know his mother’s name. Infuriated, Dracula swore he would never be defeated and met Trevor’s final attack head-on. With a violent burst of blood, Trevor was defeated, stabbed with his own weapon.
As Trevor lay dying, he looked into the Mirror of Fate and, realized the truth of Gabriel’s fall into darkness, told him that they were opposites. Gabriel had accepted his fate even when he was betrayed at every turn while Trevor had fought against his fate even though it was in vain. He told Dracula that he pitied him and revealed himself as his son.
Confused by this revelation, Trevor only pointed to the mirror behind him. Looking into the Mirror of Fate himself, Dracula saw the truth of Trevor’s words and was filled with outrage, horror, and regret. Remorseful, Dracula desperately attempted to revive Trevor by feeding him his blood, weeping to his son to live.
As it did not seem to have any effect, Dracula placed his son’s body in a coffin, on which he wrote the name Alucard, since he never learned his son’s real name but possibly remembered what Trevor had said about them being opposites. Dracula would also place Trevor’s clothes and Combat Cross in a secret chamber in the library, as a sort of memorial shrine to him. Blaming the Brotherhood for his son’s demise, he sent his werewolves to attack the Brotherhood’s sanctuary, killing all who lived there, save Trevor’s son Simon, who escaped to the mountains at the cost of his mother’s life.
Years later, Dracula witnessed the meeting of Simon and Alucard, smiling, before he teleported away. Soon after, Simon confronted Dracula in his throne at the top of his castle. Though impressed by Simon’s skills, he made it clear that he was no match for him, and as he prepared to attack him, Alucard entered the room. Dracula had hoped Alucard would side with him, but when his son refused, he decided to kill Simon despite Alucard’s protests that it was their battle. Dracula had come to despise the Belmont name and refused to allow the bloodline to continue.
Dracula fought both of them at the same time but refrained from using his full power as he had against Trevor, only making use of his Shadow Whip and fireballs. He knocked Simon out and dueled Alucard for a while before teleporting back to his throne and seizing control of Simon, forcing Alucard to fight his own son. Dracula mocked Alucard for holding back and refusing to harm Simon and became disgusted when Alucard successfully freed Simon from his control. He nearly strangled Alucard to death with his whip, but Simon saved him at the last moment.
Dracula managed to knock Simon down again with an intense burst of dark magic, but Alucard finally managed to get his father in a hold and keep him in place, allowing Simon to stake him with Trevor’s Combat Cross. Dracula was finally defeated for the first time and disappeared into a mysterious red light, melting into a pile of ash. Alucard remarked that Dracula’s “death” was atypical of a vampire, suggesting that he survived the encounter. His castle collapsed shortly after his supposed demise.
Dracula managed to survive his supposed “death” by the hands of Simon and Alucard and remained in his reconstructed castle, his rule going unchallenged for over five hundred years as he continued to hunt down humanity and strike at them with his legion of monsters, though he began to long for a true death, despairing of his immortal life. The Brotherhood of Light wished to finally be rid of him, and so launched a massive invasion of his castle in the 1400s. Dracula resided at the top of his throne during the siege, simply drinking blood from a goblet, though he became annoyed when the knights finally breached his throne room and surrounded him. Listening to their hopeful words as they believed they could kill him, Dracula only smiled and raised his empty goblet, stating, “What a timely coincidence. I’m dying for a little drop of blood!”
Dracula then engaged the large group of knights single-handedly using his Shadow Whip, Void Sword and Chaos Claws to their full extent, wiping out the knights in short order. He then exited his throne room and stepped out onto a balcony overlooking the entire castle, watching the massive legions of knights invading his home. Disgusted, he mused to himself for a moment before noticing the advancing Siege Titan and dodged its punch that shattered the balcony, forcing him onto a lower one. The Brotherhood Paladin, Roland de Ronceval, then emerged from the Titan to confront Dracula directly, declaring God to be with him.
Dracula merely sneered, “That will be your ruin!” and engaged the Paladin in a fierce duel, matching the golden warrior’s blades with his own. Before their fight could finish, the Siege Titan struck again, and the Paladin retreated with Dracula in close pursuit, leaping onto the Titan to follow after him. Dracula then scaled the mechanical monstrosity, easily surviving the legions of knights pouring out from inside it, the Paladin’s flaming arrows and the Titan’s own attempts to shake him off by attacking the castle.
Dracula reached the top of the Titan and corrupted its power source, a holy crystal, by vomiting his tainted blood onto it. The Titan fell, killing hundreds of soldiers and greatly damaging Dracula’s castle. Dracula easily survived and emerged from the wreckage to confront the Paladin once again. Dracula emerged victorious, shattering Roland’s helmet, wings, and blades. Desperate, the fallen Paladin pulled out a battle cross and began reciting in Latin, calling on the power of the seven archangels to destroy Dracula.
Dracula, however, merely pitied the Paladin before explaining that the power of God would never harm him, as he was still His chosen one. To prove his point, he joined Roland in his chant but turned the holy power against him, and the explosion wiped out the entire army of Brotherhood Knights and Dracula’s own castle. Dracula stood alone in the aftermath, surrounded by bodies and holding the ruined battle cross before discarding it.
While behind him his wayward son, Alucard approached. Dracula asks what Alucard wants with him since he knows that he cannot be killed. Alucard agrees saying that “only his father, Gabriel Belmont can destroy Dracula”. Dracula says it is too late for him, explaining that the roots of evil are deep and using himself as an example, how he was the most devoted warrior of God once, but that even he, fell into darkness becoming “The Prince of Darkness”, saying that both Satan and Zobek are afraid of him, and even if Dracula was gone, they would replace him, therefore evil would prevail one way or the other. Alucard, however, proposed a way to truly eliminate evil and explained his plan to lure Zobek and Satan out of hiding. His sword the Crissaegrim will put his father into a deep sleep that will lead Satan to believe that Earth is safe to conquer, and Zobek, out of fear of Satan, will desperately seek out and revive Dracula knowing that he doesn’t stand a chance against Satan by himself.
On the brink of Satan’s return, Alucard will remove the sword from his body, reviving the vampire lord but also with his mind and body broken so that Zobek cannot read his mind. Zobek will forge an alliance with Dracula with the promise of the one thing he truly wants, a permanent death through the use of the reforged Vampire Killer. Then after Dracula regains his power they will kill Zobek, Satan, and finally themselves ridding the world of evil.
Reluctantly agreeing to the plan, Dracula impales himself on the sword and Alucard proceeds to hide his body.

Lords of Shadow epilogue

Dracula found himself awakening in his old castle in the approximate year of 2057 with no memory of the pact he made with Alucard, nor how he came to lie in a centuries-long slumber. As Alucard had predicted, Zobek sensed Dracula’s awakening and came to him, informing him that Satan’s return to the earthly realm was not far off. His “old friend” urges Gabriel to prevent the resurrection. Gabriel attacks Zobek, who effortlessly throws him out a window, and reveals that making a deal with Zobek is Gabriel’s only chance to be freed from his immortality. Dracula disappears at the end of the conversation, transforming into a flock of bats and returning to the cathedral.

So he left the castle and explored to a Dragon temple where he met Karlista, he became her personal guardian. When she married Emil who was a darker creature then Gabriel, Emil got too drunk on his wedding night and fell asleep. Karlista worried about Emil’s council finding out that they did not consummate the marriage she went to Gabriel and they made love. After that their love grew as with their daughter within her. Emil grew jealous of Gabriel’s closeness to his wife that after He took Karlista from him by murdering her and shattering Gabriel’s memories.  He protected Cassila as she grew up.

Has a second chance from the gods to be with his heart’s true love, Karlista, and engaged to her.


Has 2 children.

Trevor Belmont Aka Alucard ( Marie) ( Karlista adopts him)

Cassila Arvani ( Karlista)




Face claim: Dracula from Castlevania lords of shadows and Gabriel Belmont

My Appearance

Hell demon form

Face look


His six-winged 950 meters tall 528-meter long black dragon form with 600 meters wide wingspan.


Void sword

Shadow whip


I Believe...

All shall come to fear me