Who Am I...

M-my name is Gage. I d-do not know exactly who I a-am. B-but I do know I am broken.

Romantic Interests

I h-have yet to discover th-that.

My Story Is...

I was used as a w-weapon for a corporation called Garrison R-robotics. I do n-not have any memories from my past life. B-but I know my body d-died. They used me as an experiment. They brought me b-back. I am n-not human, n-not robot. I am more. I accepted that this w-was my new life and d-did as they told me. On one mission I was s-supposed to kill Ezekiel. A R-russian terrorist that killed millions. He was w-waiting for me. He killed my whole squad. He left me for dead. When another squad came in, I was r-relieved. But they d-did not come to help me. I failed one mission out of nine thousand three hundred and t-twenty four. They killed me. Again. Or so they thought. I s-survived and have been living off of spare p-parts. I m-may be broken but my mission remains clear: T-terminate Garrison Robotics.

My Appearance

Image result for awesome cyborg


I use a laser blade samurai s-sword. It is my only weapon. Besides that I am equipped with various tech.

My Secrets Are...

N-no….N-no. I d-do not l-like that question.

I Believe...

Believe? I d-do not know….