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“People are just so much more cooperative when they’re dead…”

Basic Info:

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 200 lbs

Build: Tall, slim, muscular


Current Power: Novice

His necromancy is proficient enough to raise basic servants and warriors. For now he is limited to skeletons/zombies of humanoids and small-medium sized animals (i.e. dogs).

He is adept in offensive magical spells, specifically those involving fire. Fireballs, sudden combustion, and short flame throwers take little effort.

Physically he is better than the strongest of humans, though compared to other fiends etc he is still somewhat mild.

Who Am I...

A Dark Overlord of the Forces of Darkness

Romantic Interests

My Consort

Relationship Status

Master and Lover to my Consort

My Story Is...

Pitted against his brother in a bet to become the ultimate overlord, he prepares his forces of black magic, including legions of the undead, creatures of the night, and powerful devils. Plus the usual firepower (pun intended).

My Appearance

A tall, handsome man of muscular build. Handsome and well maintained with long dark hair and a thick, well kept beard. He’s slowly being twisted by the hellish forces he commands through their inheritance.

Charming features and gothic dress sensibilities combined with fangs, claws, horns, etc.


Spells of Doom in a book bound with human skin
A cloak

My Secrets Are...

Beneath the beard, there are bone spikes that will leave a nasty surprise for anyone who punches him in the face.

I Believe...

I am the supreme overlord and my brother is a dingus.