Alastair Fitzcharles

Intro Video

Who Am I...

A Tiefling Swashbuckling Hexblade

Romantic Interests

I just want to see a pretty face smile.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was born in raised in a nice little home… Is what I would like to say, in truth, I was born in a whorehouse, an infernal child, to two human parents, and raised in a falling apart hovel shared with five other families. I was seen as a freak due to the fact that, even though my parents where both human, the infernal lineage of one of them manifested in me. Growing up I was so lucky as to be picked by a noble house to take part as a servant boy. They had a daughter, Evangeline. We grew close, as children do, and soon, as a boy and a girl do. One day, we secreted away and vowed ourselves to each other. Sadly that was not meant to be… A suitor of her’s discovered the truth, and out of spite sent a hired blade to end me.

His attempts to kill me worked, to a fashion.

After what happened, I was framed, my family however did what they could to keep me sae, spending all they had to pay bribes to keep me from the hangman’s platform. In my cell is how I heard of my father’s passing… in an alley way, no one knowing why. And shortly thereafter, my mother would hang herself in grief.

I broke from my cell, and started a new life. I took what I learned from the noble family, and of course from my own upbringing, to hide and make due for myself. I learned the skills of thieves, and with some training, I somehow tapped into reserves of magic.

My Appearance

I am 6’3″ with a thin build, my black hair is always slicked back, running parallel with the horns that go along the sides of my temple. My eyes glow with a crimson sheen, more giving away my Infernal heritage. I wear finery fit for a noble, of course with the brightest dyes I can afford (or ‘acquire’), and several bauble of jewelry. I carry a cane at all times, and hide my tail within my trousers.


My cane, which hides my weapon of choice. I also have other accouterments, that I will take with me as needed. Why carry too much at once?

My Secrets Are...

Nearly every item I own and carry has a magical effect, being an avid fan of enchanted items.

I Believe...

My loyalty belongs to my friends, not some ideals, everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care.