My Story Is...

No true memory of where they are from, Tearlach has spent nearly a year traveling Hellifyno, gathering new weapons, gear, and skills. He has fought Lizardfolk tribes in Syballisk swamps, slayed gargantuan creatures in the the forests near Kili Toda and Thistlemere, fared the Archipelago between the Nothern and Eastern continents. He has not yet set up a home on the world, but has learned many things, and wishes to return to civilization for now.He discovered that he was meant to be an instrument of his Patron’s will on Hellifyno, but with the Age of Wonders, and the death of the Gods from before, his Patron is gone. Slowly he was loosing power, even if he himself didn’t realize it. Now with the final stores of that power gone, his form changed, he truly understands the silence from his Patron.

Upon meeting Weary he was given a Hyandrian Crystal, causing his latent powers to increase and magnify over time. Once the Dark Weary bound to him, he reached a new level of potential with the power that was given to him.  The Crystal however was removed once he, XenTwo and other heroes cleansed Hyandria of Corruption and he was of sound mind again.

Upon returning to Hellifyno he took time to figure out what he was exactly and took a concoction that brought him to the brink of death. There in the land between, he spoke with his father, and learned the truth… He was a mortal being born of a man and woman, but was destined to be a herald of Nuada. From there he took a journey to learn of himself, but along the way helped the Scion, Anthem Kishimoto, deal with the class cards.

It was upon the final battle with the Ruler Card, that Tearlach made a decision that changed him forever. Upon destroying the Saber Card, he became a being beyond mortal. He now serves, being bound by an oath, Thistlmere as it’s Guardian.

My Appearance

With the power of his Oath of Service through druidic and shamanic rights, Tearlach is back to a staggering stature of roughly 7 feet, and a cruel joke of his time as “Bearking”. A special tattoo is upon his right hand that he keeps hidden, it looks like a blade, but it seemed faded, in a way no other tattoo has, but since gaining the Pact’s strength a familiar glow slowly has returned to it. His hair is a wild mane, and face kept in a well maintained beard, his eyes after loosing the Crystal’s power returned to a dark brown. He still wears his kilt, with a plain sporran and belt, his dirk hanging at his side constantly. He will prepare war paint for himself when given the chance, and can call upon a natural armor to cover himself. His left arm however… is different. It is a talon of wood and stone, crafted to be a sign of his pact to Thistlemere, a bear claw and forearm used as the base, as another cruel joke.


His father’s claymore, and his dirk are his main items. He is going about studying traditions of the Human druids and Shaman that are near Thistlemere, learning the craft to help him out, so he does carry a pouch of different herbs, and one of animal bones.

My Secrets Are...

His claw is a magical conduit that connects him to nature, allowing him to focus some of his new found druidic and shamanistic abilities. Due to the ceremony that changed him, he has taken on some animal qualities, which have increased his senses.

I Believe...

Nature Reclaims, and I stand above all!