(Origins of Roan and Phae)

The valley itself is kept warm by the dormant snow-capped volcanoes surrounding the woods.  One traveling through the ancient woods would be surrounded by ancient oak and redwood tree whose trunks were as large as hay wagons in some parts of the dense woods.   Large thick vines hang down from the trees. The forest floor was a mix of a light white marble like rock, rich soil, and mossy covered paths, as one traveled through he or she would hear the natural warm springs running in the distance.
It was here in depths of the Silvermist Mountains, the druidess has lived most of her life in the confines of the caverns nestled deep within the heights of the white rocky mountain face. In her younger years a clan of dark elves practiced magic and plotted the overthrow of the RoanOak. These were the followers of Lloth.  As the struggle for power had ensured the land was stripped of its natural beauty. The Ents and those trees still awake were put under a spell to sleep by the woodland elves. The dryads, nymphs, and fairies that did not sacrifice their lives were ordered to leave. Some forest creatures fled away from the chaos into the mountains and surrounding lands. For many years the Elvin race and the drow yet continued to rage small battles against one another. But as numbers dwindled on both sides, so did too the resources and magic of the land. Eventually as both saw the inevitable coming, the dark elves planned one last strike upon the Forest of RoanOak. The elf’s numbered in no more than a dozen in those years.
The dark clan came amongst the dark glow of full moon’s eve through the underground caverns that ran under the valley floor. The magic that had sustained the barrier gave way that eve to the elder’s dark command.  They passed like dark wraiths through those halls. Those staff’s and scythes’ held with a deep vengeance as those woodland elves throats were slit.  Some fell to their knees other canted dashing some of the dark elves away from the last of their essence. As so it came to be that the Elvin mistress of RoanOak would cast off the last of herself in an encompassing light down in the caverns. In the final moments Aeron cast her essence into the great oak. The floors became a great light. The drow in all their essence as weak as she seemed both to fade. Those Elvin that had yet evaded death with a wisp of breathe still within disappeared, whisked away to that immortal land.
Say all but one young half druidess survived that night, for her blood had been tainted as the others had claimed. SilverMist a half-human drow became my guardian She found me in one of the inner chambers in the upper levels of the great oak.. I know not which were my parents that died but she took an interest in me. We were both the last and she’d sworn never to let such a war come to the woods again. She and I both being the last, the war ended that day.

“My full name Phae Ari”il…After the mountains..”::She slowly would sit down upon the bear rug grasping the elvin wyne in hand and took a drink. Those jades seemed to fade into the hearth::And the half druidess that raised me there, Silvermist was of a clan that lived in the moutains surrounding the valley floor.”
” I have only but lately found records of the battle that ensued between the drow and my elvin kin that once lived here in the valley..  Its toll over the centuries great on both…Silvermist was the last whom survived the when the last of the dozen drow invaded the weakening barrir down in the caverns below ..

“In the final moments Aeron cast her essence into the great oak.. The floors became a great light.. The drow in its essence as weak as she seemed. both to fade..   Silvermist though being not of pureblood My guardian.. Half human.. survived this …  ”

“She found me in one of the inner chambers on this level.. I know not which were my parents. but she took an interest in me .. She and I both being the last of either race to survive the battle.
Zylvra would not raise me to be like her but taught me some of the divine abilites that I have today..”

“After she disappeared I became the caretaker of both the Mountains and the valley…  It is unknown why she left or if she will return. I was young even when she left.

Through my travels these happened..”  ::Those red wings unfolded partly..::  Though Im use to them now..The wings are the result of an one of my wanderings with an elvin brethren Lanief a few years ago.We had stopped at a lone tower in the rest.. to trance

I exited my trance as he yet remained in his.My curiosity getting the best of me I slipped from the main hall away from him ..and saught out the lower levels.  In the hours of the night, curiousity yet drew me down to the depths of the cells..
::She took in a stiffened breathe.. remembering the musty and dank smells::
There was something amiss about the place.. I wandered down further past the dark cells and came upon a lone oak door set in a cave wall.
The sounds coming from there  the dripping.. a scratching .. the fluttering.In my naive state , I opened the door and entered alone. The brave fool was I that day..

In the meantime Lanief had woken up and had began to trace my footfalls, my presence if you will
Once the door opened I heard the scurrying , it was on the walls, the ground, everywhere.  There was fluttering on the cavern ceilings.  Then a cry.  I could not move through the darkness and pain…
Before I blacked out I heard Lanief. I felt him lift me and my senses were reeling.  It was nearly dawn then.  He said I began to change, but as the sun rose over my form  the reddish hues ceased. The wings did not revert…
Some call me a drow..some a vampire…or a shapchanger..  Let them think what they may..  I know whom I am .. and where I am from…

Who Am I...

Druid elf with tainted demon blood from the old days of myth and magic

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The woods of roanoak were surrounded by a vast wall of dormant volcanoes known as the Silvermist mountains.  The ancient forested valley itself was rarely found by travelers lest the mist happen to reveal the paths into the shallow inlet of red oaks towering below.  The green crowned trees were old as time, any with the ability to sense magic, or had some type of extra sensory ability would feel that these woods were enchanted.  Elder ents were dormant, even as the pixie’s and fireflies danced over the moonlight covered white marble forest paths.  In the center of the woods was the tallest tree within the valley known as the “great oak”.  Warm spring waters trickled down from the mountain caps to feed the vegetation below.   It was truely a hidden forest for its time.  The elvin hybrid had lived more than a life time in the valley through war and peaceful times.   There came a time when she emerged to connect with old friends.  She’d noted that strangers no longer found through way through the mountain pass..It wan an earie sort of quiet.   The sort of quiet that started her new Trek..

The hybrid elf had used what essence of arcane left within her to get to the island.  She’d heard of rumors of this place’s existence from not only her home realm but from other local visits as well. At 5’5 she was still covered in barkskin and left that black gabardine hood up over her face.  Just from her observance the past 2 nights, the realms were still quite unpredictable.  However it appeared that she might be wandering alone along the shores.

She needed to get home, to retrieve the blade of Roan, her link to unleashing her unbound abilities.  The wonders she’d seen and metal contraptions would crush her in an instant.  Finally she pulled her ranger hat off, letting her waist length fiery hair free.  Shoulders rolled and she unbuttoned the outer vest but still had on a leather mid drift top on. However this freed the coiled leathery wings she’d been hiding for almost three days..

There had to be answers here, even a way to reach through a portal and retrieve her beloved panther hilt blade.  She bit her bottom lip and kicked her shoes off, the boots were thrown over her shoulder. For a moment she just looked out over the shore line-


My Appearance




Druid abilities

Cure wounds, cure serious wounds

Detect Animals or Plants

Detect Snares & Pits

Endure Elements (hot or cold temperatures)

Plant entangle & Blight (kills plants)

Faerie Fire – Subject Glows

Create Obscuring Mist

Produce Flame

Speak with Animals and Plants


Chill Metal, Heat Metal

Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere

Gust or Wind, Wind Wall

Soften Earth or Stone (turn Stone to clay),

Summon Swarm (bats,rats, spiders)

Warp Wood, Wood shape (bends or shapes wood to druids desire)

Call Lightening, Rain or Sleet

Contagion (infect subject w/ disease)

Daylight (60 ft raidus of light)

Meld into Stone (druid merges with stone), Stone Shape (sculpts stone)

Plant Growth

Protection From Energy

Control Water (can raise or lower bodies of water)

Rusting Grasp-Her touch corrodes iron and alloys

My Secrets Are...

The elfs body build, but Phae has red hair and brown leathery wings.