All dark places have a chance for light

Who Am I...

An ArchAngel

Romantic Interests

Not wanting anything

Relationship Status

Heartbroken again

My Story Is...

When god created his angels I was chosen to be his arch angel of peace. Like all of his creations angels have a harder side. When the end comes I will become the hoseman of war. When I entered the world I took over a small neko baby with blue eyes. She is called BlueEyeKitty. She was not given a good life. Her first reltionship was that of abuse. Her brother she depended on also abused her. She then met her husband who she spent many years with and gave birth to many children. It almost became the end of man when her darker side was triggered. She caused war to ravage the lands and almost wake up the other horseman. Her memory of her husband brought her back but like all pure beings they are frigile.

My Appearance

I am an angel


Anything I wish to have

My Secrets Are...

Will only have space in my heart for one man. The one she will never have again