Genesis Axel Bloodmoon ( Crescent )

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Teleport, Basilisk Stare, summon all Elements. Shift into all of his forms,  Archery, Spear skills, Black lightning, God slayer flame breath.

The thing with Genesis a new beast evolves in his DNA when he is Injured.


Who Am I...

Genesis Axel Crescent Son of Senseless Dreamer and Sephiroth The Mad and Insane Child

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Genesis the perfect Uber Hybrid between two dangerous characters. With the powers of his mother Senseless Dreamer and His father Sephiroth Dreamweaver Crescent.  Don’t get on his bad side as he is not afraid to let his darkness out as he is madness and Insane will truly show through even though it is always there and randomly comes out.

My Appearance


Usual form 7’3″ ( 18 )  4’9″ ( 9)

See the source image

See the source image

Ray(?) KADAJ Cosplay Photo

Merform  7’5″

ArtStation - Merman, Roberto Quintero

Basilisk 150′ long

Basilisk, James Churchill on ArtStation at https://www.artstation ...

Vampiric Death Dragon 400 meters

Viserion and the Night King Artist @dibujantenocturno ...

See the source image

Seraphim 8’1″


Gold/black Phoenix of Lifestream 158 feet

See the source image


Lycan 8’2″

White Lycan (With images) | Werewolf art, Werewolf, Fantasy art

Vampire 7’5″

Nine tailed Kitsune 57 feet

Dark Fae 7’4″

Ice Elf 6’10”

Drow elf 6’10”

Woodland Elf 6’10”

Winged Black Unicorn size of a cydesdale

winged black Unicorn fantasy art

Dark Fallen Angel 7’8″

White Tundra Fey 6’11”


Jenova 127 feet

See the source image

Demon 58 feet

See the source image


Main 18 year old form -Souba katana

Ice elf – Silverlance, Ice element

Drow elf-

Woodland elf – Bow and two quiver of arrows, Dragon tooth dagger

Dragon- Powers and breath

Demon – Powers

Basilisk – Stone gaze

Jenova – Powers