the Senai family

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An Assassin who neglects to sharpen his/her blade

Is no assassin at all. He/she is just an idiot waving

A butter knife around.

-Koro S.


(P.S, sry if you can’t read some of my profile. PM the writer and (s)he will answer your questions ^-^)

Who Am I...

a long line of killers and assassins

My Appearance

Kira Senai-

Pin di Roleplay  Archived:Jade Lauryn | Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki | Fandom

Blonde hair(changes); gold eyes(changes); strait; married


Sogeki Senai-

Elizabeth Winter (elinkakal) na Pinterestu  Mystic Messenger Desktop Cosplay Otome game, anime boy PNG | PNGWave

Black hair; smokey grey eyes; strait; married


Kieron Senai-

Koro - sensie ?? | ?????, ?????, ????  Koro Sensei | Wiki | Anime Amino

Smokey grey hair; black eyes; bisexual ; single


Shia Senai-

Anime Boy With Blonde Hair | Uphairstyle  Pin on Anime Guys

Gold hair(normally, because it does change); gold eyes(changes); strait; single


Koro Senai- (deceased)

LunoraGirls Hair: Long vs Short | Anime Amino

Gold or smokey hair(it changes); grey, black, or white eyes(again, yes it changes); strait; single


Mira Senai-


  Long Hair Anime Girl Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

light blonde hair; changing eyes; bisexual; single


Eh, stuff

My Secrets Are...

none of your business

I Believe...

you are being nosy