I am an assassin from Earth that goes by the name Korosenai. It means unable to be killed in Japanese. I am very outgoing and.. well,.. fast, the fastest being imaginable. -eyes pupils glow red while the whites are black-  If anyone needs to die.. hehe.. just let me know -goes back to normal- I prefer being instead of creature and I’m really smart. Right now I’m a lioness neko girl. It should only last a couple more days before the effect rubs off


I also have a twin brother that goes by the name Koroshiya. It means professional killer in Japanese. For short he goes by Shiya. His eyes and hair change color the same as koro.

Who Am I...

An earthly assassin that goes by the name Korosenai (shiya: same but i go by Koroshiya

Romantic Interests

men. But I'm taken so good luck (shiya: girls

Relationship Status

Taken by Aaron Lloyd, so go away (shiya: lonley

My Story Is...

… I’d rather not…



My Appearance

i always wear this when im in my human form – except the red dress is dark purple along with my nails and lipstick. My eyes change with my emotion. the normal is yellow, purple is taunting, dark pink is blushing, light pink is tired, green is disgusted, red is angry, light blue is sad, dark blue is shocked, and red pupils with the whites being black and sharp, pointy teeth is really angry or evil. I have beautiful blonde hair that also changes color with emotion and flawless skin. Right now I’m a lioness neko with bright golden eyes.


Shiya: same outfit except blue jeans and a black tie with a moon on it. Is always smiling and had blonde short hair. Same thing with the eyes and hair change color as well.


(more like powers)

1. Can move at the speed of Mach 20

2. Can morph to fit into any crevice

3. Can eat almost anything (including poison)

4. Of course the tentacles, they are very helpful and plentiful and stay out of the way when they aren’t needed

5. My cells regenerate very quickly

6. The bacteria that my body makes protects me from water

7. Nothing but anti-me knives, BB’s, smoke, and fabric can hurt me

8. Has a really good sense of smell

9. hehehe, break a deal and find out the last one

10. Get really close to killing me and find out


Same for her brother

My Secrets Are...

I’m only telling you because it might help you beat me

1. My colored eyes and hair gives away my emotion.

2. Water makes my fingers swell

3. I’m allergic to pollen

4. Anti-me BB’s, anti-me knives, smoke, and fabric can hurt me very easily

5. I love sweets



I Believe...

That everyone should do their best, no matter what they are doing, i cannot be killed, a good teacher is one that is always willing to learn (same