Koro Senai

Intro Video


An Assassin who neglects to sharpen his/her blade

Is no assassin at all. He/she is just an idiot waving

A butter knife around.

-Koro S.


(P.S, sry if you can’t read some of my profile. PM her writer and he/she will answer your questions ^-^)

Who Am I...

An earthly assassin that goes by the name Koro

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

I.. I don't know right now…

My Story Is...

… I’d rather not…

(Oh c’mon)


(That’s fine, because I haven’t come up with the whole thing yet, anyways)

My Appearance

Kitunes, also known as nine tails, are one of the most powerful mythical beings. Some are raised as warriors, others Use magic. Void kitunes mainly use magic, and a very powerful type, at that.


This specific kitsune it one of the most powerful ones out there. She prefers to name her forms, so here you go..


-fox form

One of the weakest forms, but is good for hunting and trying to go unseen. This makes her look like an average black fox, with red pupils.


-human form

This makes her look like a normal human with black hair, and blood red eyes.


– kitsune

The one she normally uses. She has blacj horns with red swirls, black hair with red streaks (that occasionally change to other colors), furry fox ears on her head, and nine flowing black tails behind her. The tails also have different red patterns.


– Nine Tails

The most powerful form. Once it’s full power is unlocked, no one knows what it can do. Her appearance is this: a larger fox with nine black tails that have red markings, Fuzzy black ears, black horns with red swirls, and many other red markings patterned on her face.


All you need know is her black mask. Under no circumstances should you touch it.

My Secrets Are...

..none of your business.. no wait! Writer, stop!

(I’m only going to tell one


(She is afraid that she will lose control and hurt everyone she knows and loves)

-sits in corner and pouts-


I Believe...

you should stay away from me…