Cora (sometimes cattis)


(cattis: heres a link to the inrto vidoe cuz i couldn’t make it work: or you can search Lone Wolf Hank Williams Jr- Lyrics – YouTube

i use much technology, some potions, and very little magic. Right now im working on being able to be a human in magic. Also im always willing to make a deal. “All magic comes with a price”>:3 I normally send holografic versions of myself to places. I am a female wolf that was kicked out of her pack at a very young age and can undrstand and speak english. uses strange terms like maa (life), bishar (pack or clan), brush(tail). This was my future: I will learn the dark arts, and use them to wipe out the entire wolf race. when i use then my fur goes black or very dark grey and my midnight black eye turns into a golden color. but idk that yet so…)


here is an intro video for Cora: or you can search: The Devil Within lyrics Youtube

(cora: MUA HAHAHA.. I ain’t tellin’ you anything. I’m normally evil. I use a lot of magic. It’s normally blue. I’m very deceptive. will always make a deal. “all magic comes with a price”)

Who Am I...

a female wolf (or evil female person)

Romantic Interests

a man that is caring, protective, and one that walks on 4 legs preferably. (cora: I just want a daughter

Relationship Status

A lone wolf has a thirst for love ((im lonley)) (as cora said, I wanna daughter

My Story Is...

There was a legend in my Bishar (pack) tha a silver wolf with one midnight black eye and one blood red eye will be born. He/she will learn the dark arts and use them to wipe out all the wolves. That silver wolf… well.. that was me…

-she was born, a silver wolf with one midnight black eye and one blood red eye- “do we have to?” -the queen asked crieng because her pup was about to be sent out and left to die- “yes hun, we must.. for the sake of all wolves..” -her husband, the king, responded- -the silver pup started to wimper as a gaurd picked her up- -he took her to a forest and set her down- “im sorry..” -he said in a forien wolf language before shedding a single tear and leaving because her heard someone approaching- -her whine went to a wimper and soon a cry that was loud enough to foes… or mabey.. a friend…

Somebody found her. As she grew up the person tought her how to use tech and how to use it to its full expence. She had a few spell books and potion using book that the young wolf read frequently on her own time. Soon when she was able to take care of herself the person left me to survive on my own. And here I am-


(cora: uhh.. i don’t really have a story…

My Appearance

-im 5 feet tall at the sholders and i has a little device on my front right leg that is a machanical blue-grey. I have a light silver coat (fur coat) with one midnight black eye that absorbs light and one blood red eye that reflects light when i use dark magic my black eye turns gold and emits, gives off, light


(cora: I am 5′ 8″ with black hair that is always up. it looks good but can get in the way. I always wear a black or dark blue dress. sometimes I change myself to look like them.


nothing but i can call drones to get me stuff and do stuff for me

(cora: nothing, duh. i have magic

My Secrets Are...

idk if i have any ;-; i geuss you can black mail me in a few ways though. i ain’t tellin’ ya, FIGURE IT OUT.

(cora: uhhh… do I have any?

I Believe...

I might wipe out the entire wolf race. (the species is nature, and monster when i use dark magic) (cora: imma human, Magic can be for good and bad)