Koro senai

Intro Video


Family always comes first,

Work  comes second,

friends come third

-Koro S.

Who Am I...

An earthly assassin that goes by the name Koro

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

… I’d rather not…

My Appearance

My eyes change with my emotion. the normal is yellow, purple is taunting, dark pink is blushing, light pink is tired, green is disgusted or drunk, red is angry, light blue is sad, dark blue is shocked. If my eyes flash, I suggest you watch out.. I have beautiful blonde hair that also changes color with emotion and flawless skin.


Hmm… let’s see.. I normally carry a knife or gun.. or both. Anti-me bullets and knives come in handy for practice. Sometimes I bring poisons and umm… I think thats about it..

My Secrets Are...

..none of your biusness

I Believe...

Taunting brings out the worst in people