Gilver Urizen Darklight

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Gliver Darklight

Who Am I...

Gilver Urizen Darklight Son of a Cetran and the astral Bahamut

Romantic Interests

Straight Females

Relationship Status

Kanna has his heart and soul

My Story Is...

Gilver Darklight is not someone who you should take lightly. Gilver is the son of a Draconic Angel mother and a Shadow Demon. The twin Brother of Bailan Bahamut. He now has the Shadow Glaive Guardian Lunarhope the Clever soul and Crossbow weapon.

Name: Gilver Urizen Dark

Age: 27

Hair: White and in a slicked-back style or sometimes relaxed but as his Glaive its shaved at the sides with two braids on top going back into six.

Eyes: Normal: Deep ocean blue dragon

Likes: Echo and Sassy

Dislikes: Self-centered people, Narcissistic people.

Personality: Cold with a superiority complex. ( Was always put down as a child due to his dark side.)

Wife: Gillian Morgana Bloodmoon-Dark (Dead)

Daughter: Eliza Jane Dark

Marks: A scar going from his right eyebrow to his shoulder. A red soul stone in his forehead

Eyes at the moment

His Eos-Gaian Mega Class Battle Cruiser The Ifrit

My Appearance

7’1″ tall with snow-white hair. Dark blue

See the source image



Devil trigger ( Dark blue with light blue power)

Icefyre Dragon form

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Image result for drogon got

Image result for drogon got

Horns and wings in the changed form

True form

Urizen mixed with FFXV Bahamut ( Gilver ) 138 stories tall

His Shadow Glaive Guardian form its 7’1″ and 200-foot form Lighthope

The Clever Artwork





The doppelgangers 3 different looks

( With a dark blue trench with white trim to tell the difference to the real one)



Gunblade Lightheart


Summon swords

Clever crossbow of Light and hope

Void Yamato

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My Secrets Are...

Would you take a life to save a life? I would.

I Believe...

in not fearing Death