Gilver Urizen Darklight ( +Adryan/Darce/ Airon + 7 more Doppelgangers)

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Assassin Look from ESO | Konceptkonst, Fantasy, Bilder

Necromage Vampire Archer

Gilver and his Doppelgangers ( Just to make it easier)

The Doppelgangers war armor

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Gilver Darklight

Who Am I...

Gilver Urizen Darklight Son of a Shadow Vampyr and the astral Bahamut

Romantic Interests

Straight Females

Relationship Status

Kanna has his heart and soul

My Story Is...

The current situation turned human with an AM virus pill. Waiting for the doctor to come up with an antidote. As he was dying from being human, his brother brought him to the Necromages to save him. The put a spell on him to stop his body from decaying and the tech team of scientists puts an augmented exoskeleton armor on under his Breton assassin styled Gilgamesh armor. The spell will last until he receives his powers again.

Gilver was dying so Adryan convinced him to transfer his thoughts and memories to a clone doppelganger so that he could have his powers again since each doppelganger are exact copies in power to Gilver. He was also given the powers of a Necromage.

Gilver Darklight is not someone who you should take lightly. Gilver is the son of a Shadow Vampyr mother and the Astral Bahamut for his father. The twin Brother of Bailan Bahamut. He now has the Shadow Glaive Guardian Lunarhope the Clever soul and Crossbow weapon.

Name: Gilver Urizen Dark

Age: 5870   Looks:37

Hair: White and in a slicked-back style or sometimes relaxed but as his Glaive its shaved at the sides with two braids on top going back into six.

Eyes: Normal: Deep ocean blue dragon

Likes: Kanna, Echo and Sassy

Dislikes: Self-centered people, Narcissistic people.

Personality: Cold with a superiority complex. ( Was always put down as a child due to his dark side.)

Wife: Gillian Morgana Bloodmoon-Darklight (Dead)

Daughter: Eliza Jane Darklight

Marks: A scar going from his right eyebrow to his shoulder.

His Eos-Gaian Mega Class Battle Cruiser The Ifrit

My Appearance

7’2″ tall with snow-blonde hair. Dark blue

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Devil trigger ( Dark blue with light blue power)

Icefyre Dragon form

Image result for drogon got

Image result for drogon got

Image result for drogon got

Horns and wings in the changed form

True form

Urizen mixed with FFXV Bahamut ( Gilver ) 138 stories tall

His Shadow Glaive Guardian form its 7’1″ and 200-foot form Lighthope

The Clever Artwork





The doppelgangers ( With a dark blue trench with white trim to tell the difference to the real one)

Doppelganger Vergil

Doppelganger Nigel

Doppelganger Erebos Cain

Image result for charlie hunnam vampire

Doppelganger Adryan

Eyes: Hazel Draconian with black sclera

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Doppelganger Ciar

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Doppelganger Darce

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Doppelganger Arion

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Doppelganger Belial

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Shadowfang Damascus Steel Katana

Cherry Blossom Damascus Katana Samurai Sword

A better look at the blade

Handmade Damascus Steel Katana Sword Blank Blade VK8164 – VK Damascus Knife

Yamato Saber

Katana Ripper Blade Japanese Samurai Sword | Ripper Blades

Gunblade Lightheart


Summon swords

Clever crossbow of Light and hope

Reaver / Adryan’s Crissagriver

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VSS sniper rifle

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Adryan’s Etaan lightsaber




Upper Slash: An upwards strike which launches enemies and allows  Gilver (+ Doppelgangers)  to follow up with an aerial combo.

Rapid Slash: A dashing attack that hits multiple times. This can be follow-up with a launcher called Rising Star.

Judgment Cut: A fast slash attack in which tears open a hole in space that shreds captured opponents to pieces.

Dimension Slash:  Gilver (+ Doppelgangers)  dashes around the battlefield in quick succession, performing multiple Judgement Cuts in the process. This attack is also known as Judgement Cut End.

Summoned Swords

Spiral Swords: A group of Summoned Swords surrounds  Gilver (+ Doppelgangers)  in a circle formation, damaging nearby foes and defending him from ranged attacks.

Sword Storm: Swords form around a target, and proceed to impale it after a brief pause.

Blistering Swords: Swords are formed behind  Gilver (+ Doppelgangers) , which he can fire one at a time. Heavy

Rain Swords:  Gilver (+ Doppelgangers)  summons multiple swords to fall on a target, stunning them momentarily.


Superhuman strength:

Due to his draconian/vampyr heritage, Gilver (+ Doppelgangers) have inhuman amounts of physical strength. So much so that he incorporates strikes with Yamato’s sheath in combat and can throw it with enough force to pierce an enemy.


Superhuman speed

 When wielding Yamato, combined with his prodigious swordsmanship, Gilver ( + Doppelgangers) can cut and slash at speeds faster than the eye can see. He is quick enough to draw multiple slashes in one draw, to stop raindrops from hitting the ground in a heavy downpour, and swings Yamato fast enough that he can catch bullets and even launch them. Gilver (+ Doppelgangers) is easily capable of outpacing his enemy in his suppressed state and keeping up with him in all their subsequent fights.


Superhuman agility

Gilver (+ Doppelgangers) can perform jumps much higher than a normal human and perform a variety of flips and spins while doing so.


Superhuman durability

Gilver + Doppelgangers is capable of taking brute force attacks without showing signs of damage.


Superhuman Stamina

Despite taking a large amount of damage and large amounts of physical strain, Gilver + Doppelgangers is shown to be able to continue fighting and only needs a few moments of rest to move about again without strain.


Accelerated healing

Has acquired this with his rebirth and Necromage form, Gilver (+ Doppelgangers) can heal instantly as soon as whatever is injuring him has been removed from his body. It is strong enough that he came out unscathed from a strike from Bailan’s sword that would have otherwise bisected him. This healing factor is extremely strong; even when Gilver + Doppelgangers is physically exhausted, his healing powers work at almost full strength.


Demon power manipulation

Gilver is able to imbue his demonic power from his demonic soul into objects to augment them. He mostly uses his demonic power to create weapons that can be used for various purposes. Gilver is able to create a doppelganger of himself to aid him in the battle against an opponent or to create an army.



Gilver + Doppelgangers have advanced teleportation abilities that he uses to strategically reposition himself around the battlefield. He is noted to be more skilled with teleportation than Bailan, as he uses it far more frequently and sometimes with the aid of Yamato.


Helm Breaker: A powerful overhead slash.

Stinger: A dashing thrust that can send foes flying backwards. This can be followed with Million Stab, where Vergil repeatedly pierces the target before finishing with one more thrust. Unlike Bailan, Gilver can perform this move in mid-air at the cost of reduced knockback.

High Time: A launcher attack meant to be followed-up with aerial combos.

Round Trip: Gilver tosses the Shadowfang like a boomerang, sucking enemies into a vortex where they are skewered repeatedly.

Drive: A wave of energy fired from the Shadowfang. Can be followed with a second projectile as Overdrive.

Force Field Generation

Gilver + Doppelgangers can project a purple, spherical shield, made of demonic energy, around his body and others This is called the Urizen Barrier.  The shield is strong enough to protect him from every manner of attack. The shield can also generate a repulsion field that prevents enemies from getting close.

Dark Slayer/Shadowbringer abilities

Weapons proficiency

Much like Bailan and Noctis, Gilver (+Doppelgangers) can quickly grasp the fundamentals of whatever weapon he picks up.



Gilver (+Doppelgangers )is a dangerous master swordsman wielding the Yamato with unrivaled precision and versatility; his technique is based on Iaijutsu, a style of samurai swordsmanship which involves quick, precise draws from the sheathe, striking the opponent, and removing blood from the sword before resheathing. His Iaijutsu is made more powerful by incorporating his own Draconian vampyr powers, developing a personalized style called the Dark Slayer. When Yamato is still unsheathed, Gilver (+Doppelgangers ) also often uses the scabbard itself as a weapon, using it for blunt strikes, or to block an enemy’s attack. Due to this style, Gilver (+Doppelgangers ) commonly wields Yamato with one hand, holding the scabbard with the other. However, when necessary he sometimes puts the scabbard away and uses both hands with Yamato. In Devil Trigger, the scabbard becomes a part of his left hand and can adjust the position at will, allowing him to freely wield the blade with both hands while still performing his taijutsu techniques. His overall skill in swordsmanship is shown to be great enough to easily rival his brother and even at times overpower him. On lesser foes, the speed, precision, and discipline bestowed to him allows him to outpace and utterly them cut down as if akin to an art form with a great concentration in only splits of a second and issuing a number of blows at his discretion, one of Gilver’s (+Doppelgangers ) signature traits is to time his victim’s demise, and sheathe in sync with the damage done, resulting in a display of destruction that slays the opposition before they could even realize it.


Hand-to-hand combatant

Though Gilver (+Doppelgangers ) He is well trained in the arts of close-quarters combat, with either using his fists and feet or incorporating a dagger or knife in the mix.


Summoned Swords

Spectral swords created by Gilver’s (+Doppelgangers ) draconic power. He usually fires one at a time, but as Urizen, he can summon multiple swords that he can arrange in various formations such as a shield that rotates around him or to float behind him until he decides to launch them all rapid-fire.


Master Marksmanship

Gilver (+Doppelgangers ) were trained in Gun Katra, also able to fire his Summoned Swords with great precision.


Necromage/Necromancer abilities 

Bone goliath

A wall of shadow surrounds the user and the user changes into a massive skeletal goliath running at its enemy

Summons zombies 

User summons Zombie creatures of different races. ( Werewolves, animals, humans=Reapers.)

Summon the elements

With having mage abilities can summon all elements.

Grave  grasp

Summons three strong skeletal claws to burst out of the floor to grasp the enemy

Mind block barrier

To keep a telepathic or Psionic user safe from the attack of mind control

My Secrets Are...

Would you take a life to save a life? I would.

I Believe...

in not fearing Death