Giovanni Carter


A heavy booklet upon the stony ground opens up to a page in weathered paper.

The following reads:

Who Am I...

I am a lot of things, to be honest. A teacher and a student. A general and a grunt.

Romantic Interests

Good times and parties. You will never see me without some sort of scene of revelry.

My Story Is...

My story is shrouded in mysteries to even me sometimes. I am over 3,000 years old. 3,530 to be precise with your human years. And still young. But hey. i’m hip-ish.

My Appearance

I am a casual man. Slacks black or grey, or blue jeans. Depends on my mood.

I love button-up shirts or cool t-shirts. Usually they will have anime or video game references. And yes, I am an otaku.


Blades: 3
Guns: 1
Charm Necklace: 1*
Sunglasses: 1
Joker Hat: 1

*Items WIP And to be explained further in future chapters.

My Secrets Are...


My secrets. Duh.

I Believe...

In the phrase, Work Hard, Play Harder.