Delia Octavian

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Francesca de la Pasaglia Giovanni


[ Fran, Franny(least favorite), Frankie, Cesca ]


Age Unknown; Appears 27; 5’9″; 134 lbs


Single Pringle; Gay


Member of the Giovanni Council


Immortal Female [ Witch + Vampire ]


Vices: Blood, Witchcraft, Brunette Women




Delia Octavian


[ Del, Shopaholic ]


Age Unknown; Appears 23; 5’2″; 108 lbs


Single Pringle; Bisexual


Daughter of Augustus Octavian and Unnamed Mother


Immortal Female [ Vampire ]


Vices: Blood, Shopping, Messing with her brother Kai.




Andreas Giovanni


[ Andy(Least Favorite), Andre, Capo ]


Age Unknown; Appears mid 20’s; 6’1″; 170 lbs


Courting Alexandria Giovanni; Heterosexual


Capo di Tutti Capi of Boston; Sired by Lucretia Giovanni


Immortal Male [ Vampire ]


Vices: Blood, Women, Manipulation

My Appearance


Francesca has shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes, and fairly soft-toned skin. This Giovanni woman stands at a height of 5’9″ and weighs 134 pounds. She is normally seen wearing any manner of dresses and heels as Fran rarely goes for the casual route. Around her neck, all day every day is a necklace that she uses as a talisman for certain spells.




Delia has a taste for the finer things in life as a shopaholic. She has always had fancy clothes of some sort of choosing to wear only the best clothes that she could get her hands on. Del has dark brown hair, lightly tanned skin, and piercing green eyes. She weighs around 108 pounds and stands at a height of 5’2″. Short as can be, which can cause people to tease her for it.




Andreas Giovanni is a man that many refer to as the ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome’ variety. He stands at a height of 6’1″ and weighs approximately 170 pounds. 99% of his time in public, Andreas is seen wearing an all-black suit with his hair slicked back. He has dark brown hair and eyes so dark they look as though they’re a neverending void of pure blackness. His skin only compliments his dark hair and eyes, leaning him farther into the dark part of ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome’.

My Secrets Are...

None of your business.