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My Story Is...

My name is Marana…..

I have the appearance of a 15 year old but I am much older then I look. I am cursed or blessed some may say for when I look at someone or something…I see their death and worse if they or I touch it, they if they are living and have a conscious will see their own death too driving many mad for who knows that through seeing their own demise will lead then through their choices of trying avoid that death really brings be that death. The only way not to see such a sad sight as it hunts me too seeing those I meet ‘die’ before me I wear the only thing that can allow me to see ‘normally’ are ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’.



My Appearance

Age:- Appearance of a 15 year old, Real age

Height:- 5’5″

Hair:- Purple in some light its a deep plum in others its a mid lilac colour.

Eyes:- Silvery Gray (looking through the glasses gives them the appearance of being all white/ blind )

I Believe...

"When you look at someone through rose coloured glasses all the red flags just look like flags"