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Name: Evenore
Race: Skalled one
age :18

One human Evenore was victim to a warlocks experiment. You know how the old tale often goes. A desperate village in need. And an unsung hero arrives only to be the real villain. He promised wealth. And it was given. He promised good health and it was given. He demanded tribute…..It was given.
Her people did not care for the young women and men they sent off. The warlock took them openly. Without respite. And Evenore was next. The warlock wanted a way to give magic to those who were not born with it in their blood. These poor souls were called the Skalled ones. Often the magic mutated them into monsters.
Evenore was one of the lucky ones. Her body covered in tattoos and magic sigils. Something new the Warlock tried. Her hands were branded with the basic elemental sigils and her body tattoo was one large mark that was constantly drawing in magical energy. This gave her an almost elf like look with with pale blue skin.

The five Sigils on her hands


Current Sigils learned: None


Catalyst vials stored in suspended animation within pocket realms of her palms.

Vails filled with her raw magic blood. Highly unstable and EXTREMELY volatile. When and if a vial is disturbed a magical cascade effect erupts out in all direction in about a 20 meter radious and all manner of magic types erupt from this magic flow causing random spells to form on their own and an unpredictable manner. From basic things like fire and ice all the way to necromancy and reality bending magic. This alone is HIGHLY destructive but it also infects any nearby magic in the area which spreads the cascade indefinitely.

This makes it dangerous if not deadly to magical beings as it will cause their own magic power to grow out of control till it rips them apart violently like a living bomb or until all magic from the source is used up which can also cause harm to the body.