Goddess of Tea – Bergamot


It’s time for tea!


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Who Am I...

The Living Embodiment of Tea

My Story Is...

The Goddess of Tea appears as a young woman with an even younger spirit. She’s the embodiment of the love for tea in all its forms – from mellow green teas to rich black teas, from the Eastern traditional tea serving methods to the Westernized tea parties.

She also has quite a penchant for gossip!

Her name and looks depends on what form she takes.

My Appearance



Jade is a tall slender woman with a honey toned complexion and piercing dark brown eyes, reminiscent of an Asian woman on earth. Her long silky black hair is usually dressed up with flower petals. Her robes are a flowing sea of floral colors and patterns, and she remains barefoot. Jade’s demeanour is elegant and graceful, yet holds a youthful innocence.




Bergamot takes the form of a young porcelain skinned girl with bright blue eyes and light pink hair, usually kept up in curly pigtails. Her appearance is akin to a Victorian Lolita, usually dolled up in pastels, cute florals, frills, laces, and bows. She’s much shorter than Jade, and a lot less mature. She’s the mischievous form, and can be a bit snooty. She likes her tea served properly with sandwiches, scones, and sweets.




Matcha appears to be a slightly tan, curvy teenager with straight short hair that is often changed to different colors and green eyes. She dresses in more modern clothing, favoring loose crop tops, shorts, and sneakers. She embraces the more trendy and creative forms of tea like bubble tea, kombucha, and iced teas. Her attitude is more carefree and lively.