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Who And What is Mora?

Mora when she first arrived on Helifyno and entered the Blue Moon Tavern. She was human who was trapped in the Fea worlds and imbued by the magic there making her into a changeling.. There she met many friends like Serenity, Sunny, Kasdeya, And Belle to name a few. Because of her changeling ability to shape shift into others she was an informant for most of Helifyno. Gathering info on the many patrons both large and small and she build up a hidden intelligence network along with the Android Serenity. Eventually she encountered the Primordial known as Siclides whom kidnapped her and tortured her before leaving her to suffer.Battered but still alive she tried to make it back to the Blue moon only to pass out from the loss of blood and died at the hands of bandits who found her and finished the job after more torture and rape.

but there was hope. Mora and Serry both made a new technology that blended physical matter with holographic tech. Mora’s entire mind and memories were digitized and stored as part of the information network archives. Serry used this and “resurrected” Mora into digital cyber being able to control and manipulate data and had the power to take oh a physical form and walk in the real world.

Mora was back but over time she began to lose her humanity and dislike the physical world. It was horrid and violent. She ended up creating the E.V.E. or Emulated Virtual Environment . A VR world that was in cyberspace but had the physical aspects of the real world only no death or pain. She wanted many people to come and live in this refuge and many have and since then Mora has remained there taking care of the many races and being who lived there. Mow she has come to this realm to explore more.


Mora now has an enhanced human body instead of her many avatar bodies now and uses something called the Ghost System. more on that later {obsolete}


Update 2


Mora as fully Transcended to her status of Goddess of Technology and has created a new planet. this boon has changed her powers