Harley B'Sayle


Asari or Asarikin:  Are a mono-gender race that are distinctly feminine in appearance and possess maternal instincts. Their unique physiology, expressed in a millennium-long life space and the unique ability to reproduce with a partner of any gender or species; they are also the only species where each offspring is a guaranteed Biotic. Element Zero or Eezo: Is a rare material that, when subjected to an electrical current, releases dark energy which can be manipulated into a Mass Effect field, which raises or lowers the mass of all objects within the field. Biotics: Is the ability of some lifeforms (all Asari) to create Mass Effect fields using the element zero nodules embedded in body tissue. Biotic individuals can knock over enemies from a distance, lift them into the air, and generate gravitational vortices to tear objects or enemies apart; or even create protective barriers. The Scourge: Is a widespread energy phenomenon discovered in the Heleus Cluster of the Andromeda galaxy. It currently defies understanding by contemporary science, but it is described as a dark energy cloud or charged absence. This stellar cloud of power affected many worlds, moons, and other celestial bodies throughout the system, fundamentally changing them. 

Who Am I...

A combat medic from another galaxy far, far away

My Story Is...

Name: Harlequin Nakia Ryder-B’Sayle Age: 124 years Race: Asari

History: Harlequin Ryder-B’Sayle was born from the melding of the Asari Peleesaria “Peebee” B’Sayle and the Human Pathfinder Sarah Elaine Ryder. Both of her parents were part of the Andromeda Initiative, a massive, multi-species project to send scientists, explorers, and colonist on a one-way trip to settle in the Andromeda galaxy. Right after taking up the mantle of Pathfinder from her late father, Sarah Ryder made the world of Eos the first livable settlement; thus the outpost Prodromos was founded. 
After the journey to Meridian and all of the worlds had begun a re-terraforming project thanks to Ryder and her team, she decided to finally settle down and passed the mantle of Pathfinder. Deciding to settle in the outpost turned into the town of Prodromos with her exploring addicted paramour Peebee. It wasn’t long after that until Harlequin was conceived and birthed as the first Asari born on Eos. Besides being the first, Harley was also different from the rest of her kind for her unique abilities. The best scientists in the Initiative could only hypothesize that minute samples of the Scourge somehow got into the nodules of eezo present in all Asari. But either this completely exotic element or a combination of this element alongside the Mass Effect field attracts any free flowing hydrogen atoms, and turns them into helium via nuclear fission. Essentially with a powerful enough gravitational field, this Asarikin has the ability to create Dwarf stars. It was a somber moment when her human parent died, but the lifespan of a human was only around a century at best and Sarah was already a third of the way there. In her honor Harlequin decided that she wanted to help people as much as possible, so she developed in the medical field. Once she graduated school, Harley joined up with the Navy and was assigned as the Corpsmen aboard the Athame’s Prayer.

Harlequin was rescued from the wreckage of the Athame’s Prayer by Captain Kurai Kishimoto and her crew, Subcommander Gwendolyn Willows, Ensign Pharil Modicia and Ensign Chaos Nexulisviel and was brought to Hellifyno. She lived there for a while, became a Mercenary with Militaires Sans Frontières under the esteemed Randall Wayne. Though that lasted as long as the planet did, and once Hellifyno exploded she joined the Triangulum Initiative and travelled across space to strange, new worlds. 

My Appearance

Appearance: 5’10. Slim but curvy. (Humanoid) Light teal skin .  In the place of head hair, Asari possess semi-flexible, cartilage-based scalp-crests that grow into shape. Purple blood.  She has a bandit mask around her green tinted eyes 

My Secrets Are...

Abilities: Thanks to the naturally occurring element zero nodules located beneath her skin, Quin like all other Asarikin are Biotics. Due to a genetic mutation thanks to the Scourge, another undiscovered element exists within her nodules that when energized allows the ability to draw in hydrogen and fuse it  via nuclear fission to become helium and thus replicating an actual sun while being held together by Mass Effect fields.