Lindsey Goldheart


Species is unknown. Lindsey only has her one form, humanoid. But it can alter based on her emotion or what scenarios she is in. And she has abilities as well: She can jump as high up as six hundred feet, how high she does jump just depends on where she’ll want to land. Her eyes catch the wavelength in which aura’s can be seen, so she can read emotions and power by looking at someone’s aura. Those lovely baby blues are unique, that’s for sure. Then she is also able to fly/float. Though this ability of hers is rarely used as she prefers to walk or sometimes run. She can reach fairly fast speeds while running. Just depends if she wishes to.

Who Am I...

Lindsey Charmaine Goldheart

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My Story Is...

“My ‘origin story’ isn’t that interesting. But if I told you the truth here, the opposite of what i just informed, you’d get curious. So please. Don’t ask. It is mine to share when ready and to who. If it’s not you, oh well.” Lindsey said a bit bluntly with a blank expression before giving a soft smile. “Have a nice day.”

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Lucifer (Luci)

Blue Eyed Black Cat, Lovely and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel! | Cat with blue eyes, Pretty cats, Cats


‘Forever’ Book, Chapstick, Kleenex and House Keys, Loose Change and Money. This is the contents inside of Lindsey’s purse.

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