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“I suppose it could be liberating to take a leap of faith, to shrug off the burden of proof for the promise of hope. It takes trust to turn darkness to light. And those who trust, risk putting their faith in the wrong hands. For there are those who pray for you… and those who prey on you. And no matter how careful you are, sometimes, you just can’t tell the difference.”



First Name: Grace


Middle Name: Elise


Last Name: Masters


Nickname(s): Bitch in Biker Boots, Demon Slayer, Yeeting Coont, Kitten Hellcat


Reason For Nickname: Well, she’s not the nicest person you’ll meet, she’s killed her fair share of demons, she’s thrown a guy’s head across a room, and when you mess with her, you’re bringing the full force of hell down upon you. So, proceed with caution.


Birth Date: June 9, 1994


Age: 25


Gender: Female


Sexuality: Straight

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-Always prepared




-Anger issues

-Trust issues

-She’s not that nice

-Oh, and did I mention she’s OCD?



Most Common Mood: Annoyed and warily keeping everyone at arm’s length


Greatest Fear: Being lied to and led on


Why?: She made the mistake of letting someone see the real her. And now she pays for it.


Greatest Joy?: Her son, Niklas


Why?: Not gonna lie. Her greatest joy used to be her bike, that motorcycle she built from a frame. But now that she’s had a child, that is her greatest joy. Because it’s a reminder that even when the world’s going to shit, there’s still some good left.


Anger Triggers: Annoying people


Sadness Triggers: Not being able to save someone


Priorities: Killing anything that shouldn’t be around


Soft Spot: Puppies and a certain vampire, but she’s not going to admit that Just puppies and small things. Like children. They’re cute and innocent. And they don’t lie to you and let you admit that you love them only to leave you half-dead in a parking lot. Not that Kai would do that to her. But it’s happened before.


Dominant Or Submissive: She’s a bit of both. Just depends on the person






When people chew with their mouths open


When someone doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom




Being left for dead in a parking lot, even if the fight was started because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

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Favorite Drink: Whiskey


Least Favorite Drink: Water


Favorite Food: Pie


Least Favorite Food: Liver


Favorite Sweets: Anything chocolate


Least Favorite Sweets: Donuts. I mean, c’mon. Beignets exist for a reason


Favorite TV Show: She doesn’t have one


Least Favorite TV Show: Meh


Favorite Movie: Skinwalkers


Least Favorite Movie: It


Favorite Sport: Baseball


Least Favorite Sport: Football

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Preferred Close Range Weapon: A pair of fingerless gloves with salt-crusted iron knuckles


Skill Level With Weapon: Proficient


History Of The Weapon: Grace got the gloves as a gift when she finished working on her bike. After a while, she decided to make them a little more useful. So, after the process of adding in the knuckle plates, she also made a plate that went across the back of the hand with a Devil’s Trap engraved into it. She likes to punch ghosts/demons in the face



Preferred Long Range Weapon: Rifle


Skill Level With Weapon: Moderate


History Of The Weapon: She has her rifle. And sometimes, that’s all she needs.


Not only does Grace hunt your run-of-the-mill ghosts and other supernatural creatures, but she’s also a demon hunter as well. She’s sassy, a little bit abrasive, and she can often be a bit intimidating to those that don’t know her. However, if she’s faced with either keeping her image or saving a life, she’ll always choose to save a life. She’s not as bad as people like to think she is.

Grace’s parents are both from Manchester, England, moving to the US a few years before she was born. Growing up, she spent a lot of summers with her grandparents and another family, so she never really lost her accent. 


That being said, she does have a few abilities. These are:



Demon Summoning


Spirit Ward Creation



Illusion Casting

Synchronicity Wave Traveling: An instinctual supernatural ability to be in the right place at exactly the right time. This has led Grace to uncanny luck, like winning incredible amounts of money from arcade machines and casinos, avoiding harm, and more times than not, meeting the right kind of ally to help prevent or stop an apocalyptic event from happening. This also lets her reshape the battlefield to her advantage.


She also has what’s called “Luck’s Curse.” This allows her to get out of 90% of her battles with no more than a few scars to show for it, always seeming to have an upper hand when it comes to how lucky she truly is. However, at the same time, she draws on the luck from the people and other sentient beings from around her, meaning many of them die in the process. Because of this, she refuses to let herself get close to anyone, just in case she ends up being the reason she loses someone. Grace can contort and twist her body to pull off moves that would break anyone else, and pull a solution to a problem out of what seems like thin air. However, these solutions usually only work for her, and would probably injure or kill anyone else.

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She’s also married to Malakai Octavian. They have one child together, a son named Niklas.


Who Am I...

Hunter, Demonologist, and…. dabbler in the Dark Arts

Romantic Interests

Malakai Octavian

Relationship Status

Married to Malakai Octavian

My Story Is...

Grace was born in Prairieville, Louisiana, just south of Baton Rouge. She lived a relatively normal life, up until she was about sixteen. That’s when she found out what her parents were. Of course, the only reason they got her involved in the “family business” was because they thought she was old enough to handle the job. She was. And for two years, she worked with them. But that was before the “accident.” Grace’s mother was a witch at one time, passing on some of her magic to her daughter, but when she fell in love she defected from her old coven. Let’s just say the witches never had been happy about that.

It took them eighteen years, but finally, they caught up with the Masters family, murdering both parents. Grace was out on a job herself, and so she was safe for the moment. However, when she did find her parents, later, she set out to confront the witches herself. This led to a confrontation and the awakening of everything else that Grace was capable of.

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The game of cat and mouse lasted another seven years before she finally managed to kill off every last witch that was in the coven responsible for her parents’ deaths. All except their leader. And when she faced that one, the fight between the two seemed to drag on for days, even if it was only a few hours. Grace was used to the easier stuff, vampires, the occasional Rougarou (or werewolf, for those who aren’t from the area), ghosts, that sort of thing. Never before had she faced a real witch that felt as if she held the power of life and death in the palm of her hand? This witch also placed a brand on Grace that locked away most of her magic, making it physically unbearable to use even the simplest of spells. And if she uses too many of those spells? She’ll lose the use of her right side.

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Upon finally managing to get herself on the winning end, a portal was opened, and Grace was thrown into it. The witch thought that if she couldn’t kill Grace, she might as well just be rid of her. And that’s how she ended up on Hellifyno, completely alone and still a little confused as to how the hell her bike ended up with her. But, she’s not complaining too much. Maybe she can retire now, huh?

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Well, that was her thought. She met someone, or she thought she did, that she’d be able to retire with and maybe start a family. But that was ended when the two of them fought, and she was left to die in a parking lot outside of Persistence. Lucky for her, she had made a deal with a vampire, Tsillah, to work for her only days before that fight. And once it came time for Grace to be healed, she was.  She now works for Malakai Octavian

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Oh, did I mention she’s also pregnant with his child? Which is a completely new can of worms that has her freaked the hell out.

My Appearance




My Secrets Are...

Due to the brand on her right shoulder blade, she can’t use magic without severe consequences. Pain will shoot through her right side, and with each spell, she loses more use of the right hand, which slowly leads to numbness/paralysis of her right side. So far, this has been circumvented by flesh crafting and healing after she uses magic, but there hasn’t been anything done to break the curse yet.


After her fight with Noc, she was severely injured, and near death. Because of the healing she went through under Malakai, she now has a few extra abilities that don’t use magic, but a physical change in her body. This Enhanced Muscle Usage consists of:

Grace can exert more than the 100% of her body’s muscular strength, more than maximizing the capacity, while under normal conditions most humans (and other humanoid beings) can exert only 20-30%. This can be used for a variety of things, not just for Enhanced Strength, but also Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Agility. She can even reach supernatural levels of power. There were also levels added to her existing muscle mass, therefore she can use 100% of those muscles as well.


I Believe...

The only way to keep yourself sane is to be detached. There's no room for feeling, no room to bother with the opinions of others.