Master Fior

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Who Am I...

Founder of the Akuma No Ken style

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My Story Is...

I’m an old man who punches things and teaches people to punch things. What do you want?

My Appearance

A 7’8 giant of a man with white hair and a beard. Normally dressed in skin tight grey under armor, large Gi pants tucked into hakate sandles. Studded punch gloves and light metal bracers.

My Secrets Are...

The Akuma No Ken style, or Way of the Devils Fist, is a Martial Art based around Pain. Physical, mental, emotional. A form of combat dedicated to taking those emotions and turning it against your enemies as an effective weapon. Taking the damage from your opponents attacks and turning it against them. This is not a self defense style. This is a weapon of agression.


Form Description:

The Akuma No Ken style is characterized by powerful and brutal strikes meant to overwhelm an opponent combined with steady defensive techniques meant to outlast them and empower ones self.


Passive Abilities: These skills are the cornerstones of Akuma No Ken and as such are always active.

Unmoving Mountain: Harnessing ones own spiritual energy, their skin hardens as they become resistant to pain and damage. Allowing the user to push their bodies beyond what would be normally possible in terms of defense.

Rising Pressure: When taking damage the disciple stores that energy for later use against his enemies. The greater the damage taken the greater the capacity of the damage returned.

Negative Emotional Empowerment: Akuma No Ken feeds off of the physical, spiritual, and mental pain of its user and feeds their power. Anger, Pain, Sadness, Fear, etc all feed into its devastating power and allow the practitioner to perform feats considered superhuman by most. (Master Level: The Master of the Akuma No Ken style learns to not only draw strength from his own negative emotions but that of others as well. Further increasing his abilities.)

Fortress of Mind: The very existence of the practitioner is an existence of control and mental strength. For this reason, practitioners of the style are resistant to Psychic attacks and other mind altering effects. Though this can be overpowered greater levels of mastery increase the difficulty presented to the practitioners enemies.


Sustained by violence: a true practitioner of the style outlives his enemies. All of them. While not immortal, practitioners of the style do receive the benefits of longevity.

(More coming later)

I Believe...

You deserve only that which you are strong enough to keep