Intro Video

Who Am I...

"The Great Devourer."

Romantic Interests

"There's one piece of Rottin' Meat I have my eyes on."

Relationship Status

"Taken, who knew right?"

My Story Is...

Bakasura, a demon of everlasting hunger has definitely seen better days. Slain once by getting bashed in with a tree. Revived, then killed again by a group of vengeful mages. Revived again and ate said mages, cursed then died… again!

But now! He is back and better than ever (he hopes!) And he has a lot of things on his ever growing list of things to eat.. which is… mostly everything. So just hope you aren’t someone he sniffs out right? But ask some about Bakasura he can be seen with a softer side. But that can’t be true right? This walking beast only cares about one thing… the hunt!

My Appearance

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