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  • Greg posted an update in the location Location logo of AsgardAsgard 2 years, 2 months ago

    His ever glow blue eyes would give off a blue light that was attractive to look at as he takes steps forward into the palace grounds. Guards and citizens alike came to greet him with warm smiles on their faces as if they had missed him. “Yes, I am home. I have missed you all as well. What news do you have?” Greg asks in a calm voice. His titan class armor covered his 16ft body from heade to toe. Yet his whole gentle side was well shown as if was beaming out of him. “Reports of Suffur still bring us fear and we have had reports of the goddess of Death Helen has been spotted.” A captain of the guards states in a strong voice towards the 16ft tall Giant known as Greg.

    “Suffur wont attack while I am here. the Clash between to titans will not be good for either of us. As for this Helen, we shall wait and see. Until Loki and the others get here. I will be incharge.” Many people nodded in agreement as they made their way through the palace grounds.

    • a huge spaceship lands behind greg and the asgardians. “i dont mind you taking over greg” loki’s voice said calmed as he walks out of the ship “sakaar have drained energy from me” he say calmed as he walks toward them “thor is keeping Hela busy” he crossed his arms “asgard is not a home anymore..” he look at greg “but if you have any better idea to take her down please tell”

    • Raen was peering out from behind Loki. As she saw Greg, she scooted around him and ran for him happily. She hugged his midsection happily.

    • “There is one way. But it would be risky. The fire titan that’s down below could beat her. However he won’t move while I’m here. Thanks could help but he and I don’t get along so that leaves us with locating these infanty stones I read about.” Greg replied in a calm voice

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