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Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

His Cassila

Relationship Status

married to Cassila Arvani-Dracul

My Story Is...

Greymoon was born to werewolf parents of the Varulvsstamme tribe of Norwegian werewolves. He met his love Cassila, while he was shopping at the market. Their love was forbidden cause he was a werewolf and she was a dragon guardian vampire. For years he believed that Emil the Vampire King was her father even though she looked more like Gabriel than Emil. Grey would see how protective Gabriel was of Cassila and he was only her protector but he acted more like a father to her then Emil ever did. Grey hated Emil for what he put Cassila and their children through. During the rebellion he fought Emil and lost, dying at the hands of Emil, but then was Ressurected in a new world called Hellifyno.


Wife: Cassila Arvani-Dracul

Mother-in-law: Karlista Arvani

Father in Law: Gabriel Dracul

Brother in law: Alucard Trevor Dracul

Children: ( Oldest to youngest)




His Second Chance:

He fell from a portal and landed in the forests outside of Red Inn. He was lost in a new world and then found Cassila and Gabriel. He almost killed Gabriel on site, but when he heard Cassila he let him go. Then found out that her mother had come to this strange world as well. His Love ever stong for his Cassila.

My Appearance

My Secrets Are...

I’m a werewolf.