FILE: SL-310 "Griffin Lancer"


For over 600 Years, a guardian of humanity has influenced the course of history. Under the direction of the Vatican, this guardian has maintained the balance of good and evil on Earth.

His exploits are veiled in secrecy, littered with the stench of the darkness of mankind’s violence, and the stain of the supernatural. He has fought in wars both holy and man-made.

His recent assignment was to set out beyond the astral plane, into the next dimension, to seek out his future, and the Continuation of the church. Soldier, Scholar, Pastor, Missionary.

Who Am I...

A Spectre; one of the undead astral walkers fabled for their ability to smite both Heavenly and Demonic beasts with ease. Charged with a holy order by the Vatican, Spectres will follow their mission until it is completed, or death.

Romantic Interests

Spectres are often considered celibate, however, this is a misnomer; They are voracious in terms of appetite, but tend to keep details private.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Griffin was sent beyond the Astral plane, far from the home he knew. He was told to investigate the happenings between the beings living there, and to establish a rock from which to build a church. Griffin assumed this was his last mission. He took the orders in stride.

His history is mired in holy wars disguised as conventional. From 1431 and the establishment of Pope Nicholas V, An 18 year-old Griffin had served the church as a student of the Simonian Order, replacing Joan of Arc upon her sudden execution. Pope Eugene hoped that Lancer, given his dual affiliation with a gnostic belief system and the Teutonic Order of Knights, His devotion to God would not destroy his command.

Griffin was sent to the field in 1453 with an order of Papal Knights to defend the Byzantine Empire against the Ottoman Forces threatening to conquer the Capitol of Constantinople. Lancer, at age 40, had served admirably in the defense of the church during the Crusade of Varna, and now was being sent to Byzantium.

He was felled by an Ottoman Arrow during the massive Christian Rout. Accounts stated he was attempting to rally a defense at the Church of Hagia Sophia, but no such defense ever mustered.

Dying, and with his sword kicked away by a janissary, Griffin whispered one last request.

May I ever serve in the house of God.

As the darkness closed in on him, a pinhole of light shot a single ray deep into his consciousness. From within that ray, he stood before a veiled congregation of winged beings, with a large throne separating them in twain.

“What is your name, Child.”

-“Griffin, Lancer to the Pope, Defender of the Holy Roman Empire.”

“Indeed, defender of the Empire, but to God?”

-“Indeed to God, My Lord. All I have done, has been in the name of Holiness and Goodness.”

INDEED A FOOL AND A TRAITOR TO GOD’S NAME. Speak now, or be condemned to die a thousand deaths.”

-“Sir…I lived as I died. A servant to a greater cause. Must I be punished for only following my heart?”

“No…But you will be in service until I see to it that you are of the understanding of what ‘Service to God’ you make…You will have life everlasting, under the condition that you are in service to the Roman Catholic Church, the Emissary between God and Earth, and will maintain this allegiance provided the Church remains Uncorrupted.

Should the Church become corrupted, either from within or the outside, you will be the sole representative in charge of establishing the balance.

You are the representative of spiritual balance on Earth now, Griffin Lancer. You will cast fury upon the darkness and light without bias. Every Angel, Every Demon, Every good and evil, you will impose the same judgement, should they become too powerful.

You are a Spectre amongst men. See to it that upon your awakening, you make your way to Rome and present the Pope with the mark of the Spectre.”

A snap of the fingers, and his eyes opened. The air of constantinople, the fire and bloodshed, gone. Replaced with darkness. Cold, damp dirt shifting about his body as he managed to free his arms and legs from the mangled mess of limbs and bodies surrounding him.

Upon his return, the Sigil of Astral influence was displayed upon his forearm, it’s tendrils grasping across the flesh, extending and contracting, as if alive itself.

The pope immediately dispatched Lancer to parts unknown. For almost 500 years, He served remotely from Europe and America, once it was colonized, in an attempt to root out both good and evil, operating more like a paranormal investigator, than an exterminator; oftentimes, killing was a last resort, as he realized that through his influence, he could change minds before having to resort to murder.

When the great world powers fought in Europe, Griffin joined them, thwarting both Entente and Central efforts to end the war by supernatural means. In particular, the destruction of the group Children Of Seth, an Occult organization hellbent on harnessing the spiritual energy of the dead to create a rift between Earth and Hell, allowing for a premature start to the Apocalypse.

The Post WW1 period was a time of peace for many, but Griffin set to work rooting out the last of the Supernatural energy beckoned by hapless mystics seeking answers.

The Spanish Civil War, and subsequently, WW2, saw an uptick in supernatural activity, namely from Nazi Germany, as they sought solutions through occultism. With help from other supernatural beings, they dismantled the Nazi War machine.

He then was sent to Japan to inspect Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s atomic impact on the astral plane. Upon further research, it was discovered, that by destroying the atmosphere on the atomic level, one could shift through dimensions, if the force was directed to the size of a keyhole.

Projects to prove this hypothesis came true, and in the 1950s, an influx of both astral and infernal beings migrated to Earth, in what was called “The Voyage”.

Even with the shadow of war, the world seemed at peace, with all beings living in harmony, for awhile, at least.

Griffin would be called upon again to participate in a quest to relinquish the Spear of Destiny from the Orthodox Church for safekeeping until the USSR and Allies ceased their expansionism. Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, Griffin would partake in a myriad of religious artifact hunting, as well as eradication of occult activity that sought the destruction of mankind.

In 2015, Griffin was issued a mission that transcended his dimension…

Our story begins…

My Appearance

Age: 586 (Appears 38)

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 218 lbs (98.8 Kg)

Body Type: Athletic

Eyes: Blue/Green

Hair: Brown/black



My Secrets Are...

He won’t say.

I Believe...

"That this registration form is invasive!" -Griffin