BLUME’s LEO of Washington


At BLUME we’re working toward a future in which you can feel secure and productive in your community at all times. Figure out how we are ensuring this future through the ctOS.

Who Am I...

I am the Local Executive Officier for a cyber-security corporation.

Romantic Interests

Depending of the story but mainly heterosexual

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

At the origin, I was only a normal employee at BLUME that was going on the terrain that was almost always villas (that work is not to blame I know) and sometimes companies that had factories, with our parter group, the UMENI-ZULU SECURITY FORCES we were repressing the crazy gangs that attended us. And, by a fierce work I’ve been Group Chief, Section Chief, and someday Metropol Data Storage and Communication Chief of the Local Paramilitary and Cyber Surveillance Deployment. And finally we passed an agreement with 100 states to have the authorisation to use our forces anywhere we want. From the camera to the tank. Now WE are everywhere. Don’t try to fight. We keep on watching.

My Appearance

Medium size (~1 m 80)

I have medium brown hair and eyes

I’m thin/muscular.

I often wear a black suit and a red tie, but when I go on the terrain I have an elite war armour.


A BLUME phone

BLUME glasses

BLUME connected watch

BLUME experimental pistol

UMENI-ZULU bullpup assault rifle

My Secrets Are...

I, in fact « only » win 1.655.555.555.567,60$ per year and a basic worker wins only 50.000$.

I Believe...

In facts