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[]Current skills
{Red aura} Roar: Let out an intense roar that sends a shock wave able to shatter bones as well as intimidate weak enemies overuse leads to being winded and must wait 3 turns before can be used freely again.
 {Yellow aura} Evade: boosts her agility for a limited time 2 turns   to get away from incoming attacks cool down 1 turn
{ Bright yellow aura} Greater Evade : Boosts her agility to intense amounts instantly to escape last second. No cool down  though overuse can strain the body and lead to exhaustion 
{Red glow on claws} Hemorrhage: enhances her claws with a bleeding effect that can not be healed and lasts for 3 turns. Cool down 2 turns
{Yellow runic bands on arms and legs} Empower: Increases her physical power to 5x her base power for 1 turn. Cool down 2 turns
 {Blue aura} Guard: Allows her to take multiple hits with little damage. Cool down 3 turns
{Bright blue aura} Greater guard: Allows her to take one good hit with no damage. Cool down 6 turns.
{Dark black and red aura} Bloodlust: boosts her speed and attack 100x for 2 turns but leaves her weak and unable to move it is her last ditch effort skill
The skills above are her innate skills the skills below are skills she can learn from her owner.
learned Skills

Who Am I...

Huntress of The Companions Guild

Romantic Interests

None currently

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Name :none currently {258}
Age: 18

The Companion Hunter Guild or TCHG is a universal guild that raises and trains demi-humans at a very young age in a large skill set. From fighting to trading and cooking however they are not taught how to speak (unless they are trained in a class that requires it) . Each child is only given a number and no name ad once they are of age they are sent to random realms and dimensions with a contract to sign to heroes or villains in those realities.  The contract also allowed the owner to give life force,magic and stamina to the companion if need be to increase capabilities.

258 has finished her training and will now be sent off to the planet in dimension 0 Here she will seek out someone to take her contract. If she is unable to get it signed within a year she will be pulled back into the TCHG program and re-trained then sent out once more.

My Appearance





Guild given robes

Guild given armor

Claw gauntlets

Guild contract