Gulden Steel Heart

Who Am I...

King of the Dwarf house Steel Hearts

My Story Is...

even for a Steel Heart Dwarven race he has immense physical strength speed endurance durability and intelligence his battle prowess is unmatched he always loves a great battle and enjoys wagging war and killing orcs for the crims the orcs committed on the race of Dwarves he also loves a good hearty mug of mead ale or any alcohol that is around at the time he enjoys music and crafting weapons armor jewelry and coins


The Eight Dwarf Clans of Astarshul

The SteelHearts dwarf clan is the most respected out of all of the dwarf clans and they reside in the deepest parts of the dwarf mountain Astarshul for it is the dwarf’s tradition that the strongest most respected clans make their home at the deepest parts of Astarshul there are eight dwarf clans in total the SkyWeavers, the White Beards, the GoldMarsh, the Thorns, the OrangeFires, the BlackFeet, the IronChins, the SteelHearts now, for the most part, all of the clans get along but every two hundred years the Thorns start a two clan fight with the SteelHearts over land right but every time they lose the fight and then peace is restored each clan has a ring of power that is the symbol of their house status while each clan has a house banner that is used also for war the SkyWeavers is a light blue background with a white cloud that a yellow lightning bolt the White Beards is a black background with a white beard that has a hammer and a sword in a coat of arms the GoldMarsh have a gold color background with a black coal that has a sword in it the Thorns have a blood red background with a dark brown crown of thorns the OrangeFires have a silver background with a fier orange tree the black feet have a white background with a black cresent moon and a yellow star the IronChins background is mud brown with a stone gray rock warhammer the SteelHearts have a forest green background with a sliver bare face now all of the dwarf clans wage a never ending war against orcs trolls and Kugaws(orc/troll hybrid) there has been many wars before the current war each one more bloody than the last Nakura who is the current king of the black fog (the alliance of orcs trolls and Kugaws) Nakura is the tallest strongest fastest kugaw he is pale white and has been the king of the black fog for the last two thousand years kugaws age does not effect them until they are two hunded million years old out of all of the dwarf clans the SkyWeavers spend the most time with elfs out of all the other dwarf clans but every dwarf clan loves too smith fight drink sing have contest of strength and tell great storys of hunts wars and fights the dwarf clans are on friendly terms with every other race.



My Appearance

dark brown leather plated with blue Dwarven Steel Heart steel which is legendary for it being unbreakable unable too melt and rust his boots and gauntlets are the same he wears a light red cloak his helmet has three points and has a removable face piece the face piece was made to look like a bears face it is also Steel Heart steel


he is known for using a sword battle ax and Warhammer