• The carnage you see here is all because of me. 

    How’s that saying go?  You give a sinner an inch and he takes every fucking mile.  Having the mental fortitude of a mercenary, Gunner knew exactly what tresp

  • “The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    are full of passionate intensity.”

    ? W.B. Yeats

    The redlight rolling stone was at the tender clemency of every guileful wile.  Allegorical mind of a hustler wa

  • Come over;  And convert me.  Lead me straight to the cross.  You’re getting vulgar,  In the chapel. 

    “Jesus Christ.”  The muscles in his jaw jumped theatrically at the sight of her face.  It wasn’t jus

  • His drawl was indigenous to the bowels of the South Bronx.  Every wicked word was baptized on his lips with a serenade only the gutter-rats understood.  It was the brawls that put lead inside of his blood and i