Blood-Knight Gwyndolin

Who Am I...

The Blood-Knight of Krimmenis

My Appearance

kyoungmin lee - Knight ?? ??



Great-sword, Iberian Montante, primary weapon:

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Arming sword, backup weapon:

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Jarid, projectile weapon:

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Majority (but not complete) suit of plate armour, including: Helmet (With visor and a red plume), Gorget, Pauldrons, Breastplate, Couters, Vambraces, Gauntlets, Fauld, Poleyns, Greaves, and Sabatons. Additionally, a long red gambeson coat is worn beneath the plate armour, ending with a sort of skirt, beneath the Fauld, and above the Poleyns. She doesn’t wear any form of padded coif beneath her helmet, although this is dangerous, she personally prefers to be able to hear during combat, as without the ability to, she becomes disoriented easily.

Közzétéve itt: Középkor

My Secrets Are...

(Credit for the world Gwyndolin is from shouldn’t go to me, it belongs to a different player on Rolepages, who i’ve been working with a little :))

I Believe...

That life is a game: We are the subjects; 'Gods', whatever they may be, are the players. As for destiny? well. that's the throw of the dice, my friend. Hope it lands well, or suffer.