Intro Video


i like alot of things but my dislikes are death (like some normal people)
coffee im to wild at times for that
water its been rough times swimming in water and well i’m like sonic and inkling that way….
i have a family  (strange enough? ask if you dare its a fun/strange tail how i do)

Who Am I...

A chaos demoness with powers of chaos

Romantic Interests

i am open and i am bi but don't just straight up ask sudenly please?

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m Giga! a chaos demon ,codename 615 of planet Xthaing or in my language carl (stupid name in my opinion) oh well i left home in an emergency pod and i crash landed onto earth i was young at the time when i crash landed i survived and i fortunately knew some old mechanics skills to find some scrap parts and escape the police. (end flashback)

My Appearance

redhead ponytail 5`7″ height 145 lbs (normal human form) light tanned white skinned
(human data)
same height and weight


chaos shard necklace
Xcalaber (like excalibur)
custom M9 pistol i upgraded my self
high tech visor

My Secrets Are...

ohh im a guy irl thats 17 but don’t let it scare you that i have many ideas that are r18 either over or under.

I Believe...

that everyone can find a friend and find a little fighter in everyone