Hitoshi Bakugou-Shinsou


“Hi..My name is Hitoshi Shinsou. I was told to do this so here I go..I like cats, cute things and training with my dad..I want to become a hero to make the kids who used to bully me when I was little wrong about my powers, and because it’s just who I want to be..I like helping others when I can, it makes me feel..Like me..What? I have to tell them that? Alright fine….I barely get sleep at night because of my excessive drinking of coffee..”


**Must follow/obey this! Shinsou’s quirk activates when an enemy verbally responds to Shinsou! And is only activated if Shinsou wants to! So if you are in battle with this character, and you verbally reply to him, and he activated his quirk, you are stuck in your own mind! Your body controlled by Shinsou with any given verbal command by him! Sorry, but that’s how his quirk works!**

Romantic Interests

All Genders

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Large, Fluffy and Scruffy Dull Purple Hair

Dull Maroon Hues (Bags are Commonly Under Eyes) ((Pupils are White))

Pale Skin

Muscular Build


Stuff, you don’t really need to know

My Secrets Are...