Hagen Brams


Yo-ho, all hands

Hoist the colours high.

Heave, ho, all together

Never shall we die.

Who Am I...

The name's Hagen…

Romantic Interests

Aye, I have had and lost love… Oh, it's mournful.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Captain aboard the Star’s Guide, and, to boot, I supply me men wit’ the rum they all drink. Now… if only me first mate will understand, I need nearly a whole barrel to meself to deal wit’ this lot!

So… You want to hear me story? It is a sad tale, of woe and loss. A joyful tale, of adventure and love. I suppose I have to thank me looks for the love part, heh. Well, when I was a lad, I lived in the docks. As time went on, technology already there, as well as some wee bit of magic, teleportation was very much there and in use.  Hell, I didn’t learn me magic until I was nearly twenty!  I designed the Star’s Guide after me late Captain to blast a teleportation ring and take us where and when we need to go, but that is of small matter. Well, I was raised on the rigging’s of the ships. Cleaning the decks, the docks, the cargos and even hauling up the cargo ships brought in. When me father passed when I was ten or so, I set off to join a ship, Captain Thranteir took me on, raised me up, taught me everything I know. During me elder years of a teen, I made meself friends with Bragh… Aye, he was a good man. When the captian, he passed on, we wrapped him up and dropped him over, I was made Captain Brams of the Star’s Guide. I already knew how to run the ship, and I had already been running it in the late time of me ol’ Captain Thran… Ah, ’twas a good Captain, I get me looks from him. Well, I like to think so at least, although I know me own father, blasted ass he was. But it is the loss of me well-good friend Bragh that still hurts me to this day, not only was he my first mate upon the Star’s Guide, but he was me own forbidden love, one I couldn’t have. What hurts worst of all, was that I was the one who killed him. Albeit, by accident, but… nonetheless, it still happened, ye’ know? Still hurts mates.  Well, don’t let me bore ye, let’s drink a fine while shall we?

My Appearance


Narrow stormy grey eyes, dark lines around his eyes.


Dark brown, long and tied back under a black scarf.

Some facial hair, cut close to the skin.

A devilish grin, smoldering that melts the heart when he needs something warm to go to bed. Or when he is singing along with his 12 string lute.

A tattoo of two waves meeting across the chest.

A silver chain around the neck.

Black lace up shirt, open from halfway up.

A leather belt, holding a pouch, a cutlass, and a matchlock pistol.



Ship – Star’s Guide

Usually a barrel of rum that he takes with to inns (it’s usually imported from another realm).

12 string Italian lute.

Silver goblet.

Red leather bound Captain’s log.

Brown leather bound writing book.

A horribly drawn map of the land he is in currently.

Rolled up papers of maps he had graphed while traveling to distant lands.

My Secrets Are...

Oh, aye… they’re called a secret for a reason, mate… But if ye must know; me magic is me secret, and me fateful downfall.

I Believe...

The winds are at me back, and the sky's be clear, a good day to sail.