Who Am I...

A kind hearted, empathetic, impulsive,empotianally controlled, funny 19 year old with a high level intelligence, charm, good looks, advanced defensive combat skills, skilled in most forms of martial arts. Musician, and tend to be introspective and philosphical.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Born from a middle class scholar family in the earth kingdom, his father and mother were wonderful people spreading love and knowledge. From a young age Hakan showed great intelligence and a kind heart. Being an intelligent kid who helped the kids who didn’t have any friends, he always showed skill in music but because it was war time, the society frowned upon music and creativity. He was forced to learn about war and how to fight well. In all honesty he was a lover not a fighter, but all lovers need to fight for the things they care about, and Hakan cared about people less fortunate and people in need. When Hakan was 17 his village was being drafted to fight the fire nation. His father was supposed to go but was still handicapped from the previous war. So Hakan took his place. Hakan had great fighting skill and learned every form of martial arts, but to be a soldier he needed to be an earth bender like most people were. He could never learn so he was stuck as a stable boy, a position many would look down their noses at. When the war was over he came home to find his house destroyed and his parents killed. He had no money left so he took his instrument and took to the streets playing for money. At night Hakan used his fighting skill to defend the innocent against the gangs that took over overrun villages.

My Appearance

Hakan is 19 years old
5’10 170 lbs, muscular but lean. He wears a black hoodie with black skinny jeans that he looks great in. He has blonde hair and blueish green eyes. He is fair skinned. He has a belt that has two sheaths on it for two daggers.


Depends on the scenario but usually his guitar and his guitar case, his belt that has two daggers on it, and some cash.

My Secrets Are...

Secret, I might tell you if you talk to me.

I Believe...

I believe those with the most should give the best to those with the least.