Hakan L. Plainview

My Story Is...

Hello my name is Hakan Lakota Plainview, I am the daughter of Daniel Plainview. I am just like my Father, demon wise, I am powerful for my age and very strong. I have many friends and try my best to do what is right like Father taught me. I own my very own shop for weapons, armors, magical items, and anti-magic items. Stop by anytime of course I am always working on a new project. My profits are better than my fathers though I work with the best and for the best. Raised in the drug world I know all the tricks. Beware of this Plainview girl

My Appearance

(As of right now)
Hair: Silver white hair
Eyes: Silver white cat like eyes, one eye had been damaged and Hakan made a copy of it
Skin: Pale as the moon
Height: 6’3
Form:In progress or in training.
Age: Un-determind (Looks like an adult currently)

Species (Optional)


My Machines. I create and build things.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

Me, Myself, and I