Morreina Gaetirsson


*Brisk titles cast upon the brushing winds which lead the falling snow undirected in the clear space of the open lands. The winds pass the large army giving slight prickly sensation like small needles mocking the face. Only the prominent footsteps of the march could be heard and second…the heartbeats of the proud warriors yet scared for their coming battle. Desist was not flowing through the large line of the army. Then lighting fields the sky cracking and spreading like wildfire to the only fall upon the padded ground of deep snow. Recurring men from the sky smash and in moments the voice of a young-sounding male could be heard. The voice was yet soft but thunderous pulsing through the brushing winds.* ¨Arms men you have been called off by king Pilsner…the only to stay and fight is Morriena. Haste way the opposite direction and may Odin guide your path back to Fystendonaldhymer.¨ *The arms men all stand tall and bold as they yell* ¨ALL HAIL PRICE FYZENGUARD…MY YOUR BATTLE RIDE THE LORE of THe WORLD¨ * At that Fyzenguard waves the opposite direction and the soldiers start their few weeks’ travels back to the capital. No giants could be seen through the baren snow lands which lies a hidden dale underneath. Suddenly a few of the monstrous beings could be seen…so brutish and monstrous. it had looked like the giants were intelligent and not wisdomatic. Tides of them began to flow through the mountains far away from the Berserkers.Not yet has the Elves arrive which would strike a little worry in the Price* ¨By Odin’s beard…there are too many of them…we are lead to our deaths.¨ * Fyzenguard takes a few steps back bumping into Morreina in fearsome*

morreina began to get ready to march with fyzengaurd but the king put his hand out and stopped her. she looked at him as he looked back at her and his eyes signaled to her that it was time. she nodded and stood still as she watches the berserkers march leaving the mortal human army behind. “Are you sure the berserkers don’t need more help, my king? I don’t often question your methods but this is madness. even if they are powerful they are still going to die. The frost giants are a lot to handle for anyone.” she as she got a cold angry glance from the king and she immediately went silent. “im sorry, I will not step over my boundaries again.” she said as she looked onward toward the battlefield.

*Growing closer the yells of Berserkers could be heard as they all engulfed into pure powerful lighting and shot into the uncivilized hoards of the giants. Suddenly Pilsner gave a small cunningly chuckle watching the Berserkers force their way into the hoards as he then speaks out* ¨Ohh yes…the Berserkers are going to die. Just sit and watch¨*Lighting was being thrown and still the Elves did not show through this raging storm. Clouds began to circle the battlefield thundering and shooting downlighting from the sky*

“This is cruel… the father I will not sit and watch you let these berserkers die.” she said as she knew the king as her king but also as her father for the time being. she took the king’s arm and turned him to her “you know that im loyal and I would never fall away from your leadership but do you feel it tugging at your heart? you have known loss before and you would want to feel it again? please don’t call your men. let us live to fight another day.” she said as she begged “you loved my mother right? if she was with you what would she have said to you?” she asked as she stood strong in her opinion trying to get the king to call off the men but it was no use.

*This was one of the darkest moments of king Pilsner. Never had he ever acted like this…it had almost seemed as if he was possessed as she turned him to her. Still smiling with his cunning and now ruthless smile he says* ¨You think the Berserkers are cared about…do you know why you never see them out of battle. THEY ARE FREAKS Morreina…born with the power to rival the strongest and most powerful men. They do not need this world…best they go to Valhalla…or if there is even a chance for them¨ * Pilsner began to laugh as another marching band could be heard…the Elves had appeared and as they drew their bows Fyzenguard yells out* ¨Thy dare not shoot us with arrows…take your sword and fight!!!* The elves came down and as they did Fyzeguard was bashed over the head disappearing within the complete chaos

“father but do you see? the elves that you align yourself with are here to help only to die with the berserkers this is wrong. it is cruel and unlawful. father one of those berserker soldiers… I feel in love with one but you were so blind by your blood lust that he could be dead and your son is in that mess. do you not care for him?” she asked as she knew she was pushing her limit as she could see it in his eyes even though he was smiling so cunningly.

*This had made the king solely realize what he had done. His eyes widen as he whispers* ¨My son…¨ * By this time the marching army was not able to be heard as they had traveled a great distance* ¨You are right what am I doing.¨ * Softly Pilsner fell to his knees and then looked up to see the Elven king coursing up on the horse. Jumping off the horse the king speaks out* ¨King Pilsner what in the lower lands have you done…where is your army.: *Pilsner** ¨I…I sent them away from god. My son is out there and her love¨

“father what’s done is done and know we can only hope for the best. great Elven King I’m sorry that you were dragged into a war without purpose. pull back your men as my father did ours and get to somewhere safe. I have a feeling my brother will have a plan in which all hope is not lost.” she said as she walked to the edge and watched as she could make out fyzengaurd fight better than any other warrior that she had seen a fight. “Father, your son has not died, I will pray to the great mighty Thor so that he may see clashes of thunder and lightning blessing our side of the war.” she said as she time around her slowed and she could now hear her thoughts more clearly so that she could pray on the inside but the outside she was silent with her eyes closed aware of her surroundings as her senses were up.

*Suddenly she began to sense something…a great power rising from within the battle…Fyzenguards presence. An overflowing feeling of power came to her blessing as the sky began to form above much worse. Lighting struck worse and more constantly. With her eyes closed, she would view Fyzengaurd on his knees. He was grasping his head and then suddenly his head lifts and yelling fills her head…of her brother screaming in dear pain. Lighting began to clash in circles around him as he yelled and whipped from side to side as his eyes began to glow a bright blue…was it the legend. The rare form only known by old fates…Berserk. Suddenly he began to grow in muscle size gaining a look of brutish. Still, he was yelling in pain as blue light begins to blast from his eyes. The power was overwhelming…even in her prayer she could feel it…it felt scary…terrifying. Fyzenguard lifts to his feet now calm and significant. The male was now done however as his head raised and as giants began to jump for an attack he yelled again letting off massive pulses of electricity turning them into complete dust. Pulse after pulse of the blue lighting and once he was done he was laughing in terrible pain as he began to flash from place to place slaying the giants as if they were little boys now standing 7¨7. Not taller than the giants however*


Who Am I...

Morreina Gaetirsson, Daughter of lord Salem Gaetirsson and Mistress Genevieve, Norse elven, Slave

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My Story Is...

lord gaetirsson had nothing although he had everything, his wife had died but he had his riches and most importantly his daughter. during the mourning period lord, gaetirsson became ill mentally and his heart hardens but also in that period he met a beautiful and powerful elven. their relationship started rough and well to give straight facts they tried to kill each other over and over both failing in their attempts. one day the lord stopped the madness by trapping the elven in a prison made by pilsner his old friend. there he got to know the elven on a personal level and one thing leads to the next. the elven after many days of wooing the lord found herself in a bit of a situation, she was pregnant with the king’s baby.

*In this time Pilsner had not yet become the man he would be but rather he would be taking care of Asgrid and Fyzenguard. Asgrid and Fyzenguard would be training with each other and Pilsner who had taken back his throne from the Gaetirsson family had begun his idea of a warrior city which would rise and become honorable and prideful…only with great honor can pride be a good thing. Pilsner had even tried to reach out to the Elfs to alliance each other becoming a stronger force to match any others…not only was the nation growing but it was becoming stronger and had become the top civilization of mannered peoples, business, blacksmithing and best of all warrior ship* 

lord gaetirsson walked down to the cell where they held the elven, at this time pilsner was with him so that he could tell pilsner the news.  the lord and king got to the cell and stopped “come out you foul beast.” the lord said as the fey woman stepped forward into the light. She was beautiful but the looks she had on her face were of deep sadness, regret, and anger. “You took my freedom, and for what to prove that you’re a mighty lord. you have mistreated me even though I’m with child, your child. now you want to present me to the king as if I were your slave. and you!!” she looked at the king “you talk a big deal about alliance and peace but yet you let one of your lords take my freedom and mistreat me even though we both are to blame for the coldness we have towards each other. I swear by Odin’s chin that the elven will not forget this.” she said as she held her stomach. “hold your tongue in the presence of the king. if you speak out of turn again… I might have to cut your tongue out.” the lord said.

“No Gaetirsson, she is right. Why in the nine hells would you take a creature and her freedom and then say that you will cut her tongue…” * Pilsner had seemed displeased with Lord Gaetirsson at yet Pilsner had not turned to the evil man. There was still one more step for that. Pilsner shakes his head and looks to Gaetirsson.* “Why did you impregnate her…she is a woman like any other Gaetirsson. WHY… do you caused this creature pain” * Pilsner raises his voice looking away from Gaetirsson* “Do you love this creature?”

“love? Love is a waste of time. The elven seduced me while I was drunk and well I did come down to see her in her cell, I didn’t know that she would use me.” the lord said as the elven rolled her eyes. “please you and I were in love, you got mad when I turned down your special alliance because I had not talked with your king.  Do you know what betrayal feels like? for an elven, it feels like our freedom has been cut off over and over. so do not aim to please your king with your words because your words are lies and that is what they will always be. believe me when I say…. the elven will come to your home and once we have….” she walked forward “we will bring justice with us.”

*Pilsner looks to the elven for a long moment. it was true she did hold beauty but it was not his to take so he looks back up to Gaetirsson and begins to chuckle* “The elve..coming here to cause war with the Norse.”* Now begins to laugh it was more of a displeased laugh as he stands to look to Gaetirsson and raising his hand about to slap the man but then stops with his lip raising like a mad wolf* “Old Freind…I PROMISED YOU that you could have what you wanted if you gave me back my kingdom…which you did but now you are sailing with your riches…You damn Bastered you release that elven right now and let her ride off with your child. YOU SOILED YOUR FUCKING TITLE.” * Pilsner tenses and brings his hand down not slapping the Lord* “you know very well what will happen if the elves come and attack us…the creatures that protect the forests and want nothing to do with men…what in the hell were you thinking” 

“fine, I will let this… monster go. she can stay with you for all I care but I will not open my doors to this ugly thing” said the lord who had lost his way. The Lord turned and walked away as the guard unlocked the cage and then followed their king, the elven looked at the king and then stepped forward grabbing the king by his neck and wanted to crush it but could bring herself to do it. she put the king down and grabbed her stomach quickly. liquid falls to the floor as she groans in pain “shit… this is a little early for an elven child.” she said as shouted, grabbing onto the king “take me back into the cell, I’m just going to have to make do with a cell bed.” she said grunting.

*Pilsner had a great craving to slap the lord. A good friend they had grown but now he had lost his way. Feeling the elven take his throat his face had turned disturbed reeling a siver of rage run down his spin but as she had stopped and her liquid dropped his eyes widened* “Ohh shit…yes. Take it calm elven. I have been through two births I have a little experience” * In an instant, his rage had seemed to disappear as he helped the elven onto the bed…creatures of nature had always been a rare instant…even with Pilsner having his love as a nymph he had gained a presence by natural beings.*

she laid on the bed as her eyes glowed from the pain of going to labor. she breathed calmly trying to keep calm and she grabbed the king’s hand just for something to squeeze. with every push, she screamed, and with every scream, she squeezed the king’s hand. it came down to the last push and the fey seemed to be trusting the king more than she thought she would. she loved into his eyes “I can’t do this… I can’t push anymore.” she said as she felt like giving up.

*The king rests his hand upon the beg looking into her eyes continuing to say* “Take my hand…squeeze it as hard as you can for the pain.” * Softly he smiles knowing that she would bear this in pure pain. Feeling the squeeze of her hand her pain had made him wince as if he was feeling her pain also.* “elven…you must bring this child into this life. Show this child her mother…YOU CAN DO IT…PUSH” * Pilsner said grasping onto her hand giving her more of his hand so she could grasp onto harder. *

she pushed and the baby came out crying. she then stopped to her baby cry so that she knew it was alive. one minute later and the baby cried and the mother sighed in relief. “please may I see my baby.” she asked as the king had picked up the very heavy and healthy beautiful baby.  the mother was so pleased by how the king freed her and also how the king helped her when he didn’t have to. “for this I will not bring war but I will accept your alliance.”


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