Zarolight Larose


Name: Zarolight Queensing Larose


Age Look/Actual Age: Looks in Mid Twenties but is Actually over Five Hundred


Race: Half-Elf (Elf and Nymph Hybrid)


Race Look: Nymph


Height: 5’8


Hair: An Ombré from Cotton Candy Pink to Pastel Purple then Black at the Very Tips


Eyes: Changes in Situations; Dark Green = Neutral/Normal, Bright Blue with Red Rimmed Iris = Confident and Powered Up, Glowing White with Black Rims = Negative Emotion and/or Mindset

Who Am I...

Zarolight Queensing Larose, A Half-Elf

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

^Will Share Soon^

My Secrets Are...

to be kept to herself.

I Believe...

that someone will someday save her..