Lily Rose Williams (+ others)

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I don’t have a family because my brother passed when I was five my mother left me and my dad is in prison I was an orphan for half my life and now I live with my aunt though we don’t talk much so I am a loner

Who Am I...

Hello my name is Lily K. Ashen I’m shy sweet kind and caring but I have trust issues

Romantic Interests

I Like the beach so if you take me to the beach I will love you

Relationship Status

I have a boyfriend

My Story Is...

I was abandoned at the age of 5 so I’m a loner but I like people but I have to know them well I am shy though so I don’t talk as much

My Appearance

I have strawberry blonde hair with a little bit of dirty blonde  hair  I have a dark brown eyes , I wear skirts/shorts and high heels most of the time with crop tops or baggy shirts


I have a pocket knife and a taser

My Secrets Are...

I have powers, mind reading shapeshifter and I can teleport I can also multiply and feel emotions

I Believe...

I believe that people have a meaning in this world so do I



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