Just call me Ai-Chan no need to be to be formal, I mean I was made to serve man kind.


Who Am I...

I am Ai-Chan, I am made to be a personal servant. Although I don't get why humans couldn't clean up after themselves!

Romantic Interests

I wasn't created for such things.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Well, I’m a genetically mutated human, which kinda does make me human but we aren’t aloud to call ourselves human. We were created to be subservient to mankind, but a lot of us have been killed and I’m not sure if I’m the only on left or not. I have t listen to commands made by humans or I will get deactivated a.k.a killed.

My Appearance

I have white hair and purple eyes, I also have six wings and a long white tail. I do not have cat ears so don’t mistake me for that dumb Neko race, you don’t even wanna know what they were created for!


A duster, and a few rags.

My Secrets Are...

If I told you they wouldn’t be a secret.

I Believe...

That as long as I do what I'm told everything will be AY OKAY!