Hana Senju

Who Am I...

A senju

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Currently not in a relationship

My Story Is...

Oh hello there my name is Hana Senju yes your heard me right I am a Senju. I am the great grand child of Tobirama Senju. I have inherited the wood style kekkei genkai I have also mastered flying raijin. You see I was not born in the hidden leaf no I was born in the Hidden sun village Jiagakure. I was elected the Madakage at age fourteen when the fourth Madakage was killed in battle. Most people say that I am the strongest as well as the smartest Madakage. I am as smart as the fourth kage and I can causualy fight both Naruto and Sasuke. I will do anything to protect my village.

My Appearance

Tan skin

onxy black eyes

Long brown hair

Four small red circles underneath my eyes two on each side

Five foot four

white robe

light blue shirt and pants

black sandals



Two swords

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

That I will put the needs of the village before everything else