Hania Shepherd

Who Am I...

My name is Hania and I have found my family

Romantic Interests

I am happily dating August Lovelett

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

A while ago
I was looking for my big brother like Papa told me to. I had hoped to find him before the Oro found me. When I finally found him we started to work together to try and find where Papa is so we could say him and the rest of our siblings. As hard as we tried we couldn’t turn up any leads that panned out.
It was good being with my brother he made me feel safe when I was just a scared little girl who could barely finish a sentence without tripping over my words, sadly as nice a it was it didn’t last long, I guess some of our searching had been would have panned out if we had search a little harder. The Oro found him and took him away so i was all alone once more.
A week or so after he went Missing the Oro’s partners attacked the tavern taking everyone to their prison, when I taken the took me away from everyone else and the doctors started their experiments that I had thought that escape their horrendous experiments but they went on for another three days to see how I had changed in time I was free of their clutches. After they finished their tests, they put me in with everyone else. the planet was harsh and I had to grow and learn how to protect myself fast if I wanted to survive, though I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any help while I was there. We were there for almost a month and I grew strong in that time

A little bit newer:
My Family is free from the Oro and we can find out where we stand in this universe. While I was trying to find partners for my core weapon brethren I met someone name Lilyanna Forsythe. She was with someone when we met but that wasn’t met to last long. Soon after a few people who didn’t like her EX decided to take it out on Lilyanna I wasn’t going to let my friend get hurt so i stepped in stopping them and we got away, from that action a budding romance began to grow. We moved in together shortly after my home (well our home now ) was safer then where she was staying before. Now a few months down the road we are going to have a child, I’m about two months along by now. We still don’t know what we are going to have or even how long it’s going to take for our child to be ready to come out.

Here we are:

My bouncing little tomato was born on August 16, 2016. Her name is Marisol Annette Shepherd. This should have been the happiest days of my life but something seemed off with Lilyanna, she never 

wanted to be around our child and I didn’t know why. It hurt me to see the women I loved so much pull away from the beautiful child we made together with our love. I would have loved to say that we pulled things together and they became close but alas that’s not the ending this story got. She left us, so now it’s just me and my bouncing little Marisol who I’ll do anything to make sure she stays just as happy as she is now.

******* GUIDELINES FOR PM RP *******
1. Please try to do more then one sentence responce. I do reliese that it can be rather hard at sometimes but please do try I will try to do the same.
2. I’m fine with any setting but some I am kinda weak at rping in some settings so please ask ahead of time so I can let you know if I’m good at it.
3. I will sometimes change Hania to fit the RP but any PM RP will not affect her story outside of our RP.

My Appearance

Red hair that only goes to about her shoulders now. While Hania was pregnant the excess of life energy helpped her grow from her demutive 4’7″ to now stand at 4’10” her hieght wan’t the only thing that grew while she was pregnat her rather small A-cup breasts grew up to a large B-cup almost a C-cup.


she always has a crystal chain around wrapped around her waist, it remains invisible unless she calls upon it. It will react on its own will if Hania becomes in danger, for it is the oldest of the core weapons and has taken a liking to her more then anyone else. She carry’s a brown purse with her. She has a cherry red motorcycle, thou she doesn’t seem to get to ride it very much lately.

I Believe...

Maybe you'll find out someday.