Dom Delarius'Masahiko


DOB- Unknown.

Origin- Unknown.

Family Members- Lorelai Masahiko, Tanue Darks, Lay Panua’Darks


Who Am I...

Dom Delarius'Masahiko, A nineteen year old male hybrid.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Currently single.

My Story Is...

Coming soon ^*^

Thanks for understanding. 

My Appearance

Dom has long pin-striped pants, a grey shirt, which is holey but not stained. Fortunately. Around his neck is a long, patterned scarf- He wears a long black rope necklace, given by his father.

He has a thick black ring, and his finger nails are painted bright pink. 

He has sharp blue eyes, like the sky before a storm and dyed blue hair to match.

He hates mirrors, says it’s for the obsessed. 



My Secrets Are...

Why would i tell-

I Believe...

That mirrors are for the self absorbed, and you can live without.