Michi Yukio


Fantasy women



Who Am I...

Michi is a rare breed of neko that has gone nearly extinct

Romantic Interests

None yet

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Michi was born to what used to be a human village a short distance from Kili Toda, the floating magical city here in Hellifyno. Her kind, for many, many years, fed from the animals that were imbued with the magic waste that rained from the rock and gravel of the city’s underground. Over time, their bodies mutated, taking up animal characteristics while also objecting them to particular curses and abilities that were befitting of the animals their bodies merged with. This mutation passed from parent to child, never skipping a generation.


During one of the three or four great wars, most of her kind was nearly wiped out but a small group of cat mutations managed to survive. However, due to recent food outages and the death of her village head, Michi decided it was time to separate herself from her family to find her own route. That route led to several great cities and adventures along the way and even after she reached the place she was going.

My Appearance

Misaki’s natural form is that of a humanoid. She has white hair that nearly reaches her ankles when left down. Her metabolism is through the roof which means she has to cut it on an every other day basis.


She also has white ears that are often fluffed but pink on the inside and both claws on her feet and hands that are white and milky. Her eyes are not one color and often change depending on what she is feeling and she can shift between sizes, and age, due to a localized timing magic she has absorbed.


In hominid form, she actually stands at five foot regularly and is small and dainty. She has an average if not below average sized bust and is usually super light on her feet. Her tail is long, thin, rather than fluffy like most cats which would denote tabby or some other variety of cat with a wiry, thinly groomed tail.