The Haunter (Undead King)

Intro Video


Beware my whistle
Beware my song
Beware and fear me
’cause I found you


There once was a boy, who was killed by jealously. He lived without a heart, knowing all cruelty. At the end of his path, lies all of shame and sorrow. Please wake me up, when it’s tomorrow.


When things feel wrong know that you’re not alone.


Why change the past when the past is the reason for today?


The Haunter is supposed to be the reason why the red sun inn was destroyed. Most people blamed him.


Who Am I...

I am the Haunter, the bringer of sorrows. The King of Horrors. God of Hauntings.

Relationship Status

Who will fall in love with a dead guy?

My Story Is...

I’m the Haunter. The origin of spirits roaming the earth. I am something that no one can understand. I guard a house, a abandoned warehouse, an underground facility, and a garden. This is all I can share publicly.


Origin House

Abandoned Warehouse

Pal’s Entertainment and Rental.

Garden of Sorrows

Other Characters: 

Joy (SpringJoy)

Buddy (SpringBuddy)



Whithered Joy

Whithered Buddy

Whithered Wolfy

Funtime Pal

Jolly & Buddy

Funtime Wolfy

Funtime Wolfette

Tick Tock Tom

Apex Predator



Haunteress (Dabria)

Being chased for justice or bounty:

Vikings: I was one of  their many enemies. But I was also something they wanted for power.

Greek soldiers: someone they shouldn’t trust.

My Appearance

My left eye is blue and my right eye is red. I wear a black coat and I always have my hood on. I also have a tattoo above my right eye. It’s similar to a snake fang. I mostly dress in black. I have short hair and a sword behind my back. I wear a blindfold so no one can see my eyes. His voice sounds like he’s talking through a radio when his is in a good mood.

in the past:


Other forms:

(Eclipse): his powers change to an evil power. His hair is red and red markings are now on his coat. His red eye is the only only glowing.

(Illusion): he looks more of a ghostly figure.

(Sacred): he has ultimate power near to a god. The only.thing different is his weapon. He will use a staff instead of his sword.

(Withered): something bad happened to him.

(Twisted): something is wrong with him.

(Golden): he has.golden markings on his coat.and the handle of his sword.

(Glitched): his voice sounds distorted and his body is glitching.

(Most Wanted): too dangerous. Must be caught dead or undead.


The Blade of Hauntings

time freezing stones

A light bulb in a cage.(Lantern)

Music Box



-hydrokinesis (water)

-aerokinesis (air)


(I have more but this is all I can share)

My Secrets Are...

Sorry, dead man tell no tales.

I Believe...

I don't belong in this world