Arcturus Fowl


The youngest is a precious gift.

The middle one a gifted child.

The oldest is a beautiful flower grown.

The mother is heaven in a human form

The Father is a legend unknown

Together they are a family.

A family well known.


Notice: Ouija Fowl is the brother of Arc

Who Am I...

I'm a person who exists

Romantic Interests

Yulia Fowl

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

In the beginning, Arcturus was born by the sea and close to nature. The birth of a new hero. Kari, the original goddess of purity, had this child with her husband, Spinal,  the god of the dead. The couple both had triplets. They were each named from oldest to youngest: Arcturus, Ouija, and Sabrewulf. Kari and Spinal were happy with their children, but they were worried about Arc. They discovered that Arc has new unique magic that has no understanding. Kari called it The Glitch. The Glitch has infinite magical abilities that not even Arc could count. As Arc got older, his father decided to take Arc on his journey across the sea. Arc had helped his father in fighting enemies and locating treasure. But one day, a storm struck the waters and the ship was tossed back and forth between the waves.  Arc knew that the storm wasn’t natural. He knew that this storm was summoned. Then came Raven, Arc’s step-sister. She was drawn to the greed for power and tried to take Arc’s magic. Arc fought back with all he could until Raven then attempted to take his magic. But before she knew it, the glitch rejected her and returned to Arc. Raven had no choice but to kill Arc. She stabbed her sword through his chest and ripped out his heart. Arc then went backward as the pain was felt. In his final breath, he said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but soon you’ll be the one turned to stone.” He then fell into the sea. He knew what he said but was he talking to Raven?

Then Arc woke up thinking this was heaven but he found out he was still on the living land, but he wasn’t alive anymore. Arc was now an undead. With this new life, he will find his purpose. He picked up a blindfold and wore it for the rest of this life. He began haunting many innocent people but not to kill them. He wanted to show them the mistake they will make in the future. As he haunts, the living gave him the name “Haunter”. He then found his parents and told them everything. Kari knew what he was missing. Kari sent him to an academy.  He was a smart student being taught by Abigail Skymoon.

One school day, Arc saw a bully messing with a student that needed help. Arc decided to help the girl and stop the bully. Easily, he defeated the bully and help the girl. The girl said that her name was Yulia Skymoon. As he gave him her hand, he felt something different. Soon enough, Arc started being with Yulia more often. He would protect her if anyone came by. Then on one beautiful day, Arc confessed that he had feelings for Yulia. He told her that he likes Yulia more than a friend. Next thing you notice, Yulia cried in tears of joy and hugged Arc saying that she loves him. As the days went by, they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Then their school year was over. Arc had to go to war and Yulia had to go back to her kingdom. They both gave each other luck and parted ways. Since Arc had to go to war, he didn’t choose a side. He fought against both sides of the war. He then soon enough ended the war and both sides had peace. But Arc had to sacrifice one thing: his memory. He had forgotten Yulia. So he just went where he goes best. North.

Then and more years come by, Yulia and Arc found each other but Arc didn’t remember. He tried to but still nothing. Yulia was sad and wanted to know what happened. Yulia then decided to not worry about that and help her kingdom. As soon as she left, Arc had painful flashbacks and slowly remembered his past. Then he found out who Yuila was and went back to her.

Yulia and Arc then decided to take care of each other. Yulia was so glad that they were together. They both taught at the academy they grew up in and practiced new skills. Then as their anniversary came, Arc proposed to Yulia, and she said yes.

Arc is currently in a house with his wife Yulia and his three daughters: Lily, Lucinda, and Alice.

My Appearance
  1. He wears a blindfold and a black coat. (Profile Pic)

A blade that brings his victims fear.

A sharp point that flies through the air.

A staff that harms anyone that comes near.

A lantern that makes life unfair.

He carries many things.

Things that keeps him on the move.

But there’s one thing he can’t loose.

The music box of his love.

My Secrets Are...

Sorry, dead men tell no tales

I Believe...

There is a reason why everyone exists