The Haunter

Intro Video


Beware my whistle
Beware my song
Beware and fear me
’cause I found you


There once was a boy, who was killed by jealously. He lived without a heart, knowing all cruelty. At the end of his path, lies all of shame and sorrow. Please wake me up, when it’s tomorrow.


When things feel wrong know that you’re not alone.


Why change the past when the past is the reason for today?


People I have encountered:

Slender Man

Jeff the Killer

Eyeless Jack


The Rake

Zeus (King of gods)

Demeter (Goddess of Harvest)

La llarona



Other info:

I’m often get encountered by either a blue or sliver Dragon due to the scent I give off.

I am a teacher at Hailey’s Blue Palace Academy.

I am a keeper of secrets.


I used to kill people, ripping their hearts out.
I am the son of the God of the dead and goddess of pure heart.
I can summon any weapon I please.

I don’t know what love means.

I adopted a 7 year-old Neko girl named Lily.

My real name is Arcturus Fowl.

I was once a priest of Nyx, goddess of night, and Hemera, goddess of daylight.


Who Am I...

I am the Haunter, the bringer of sorrows. The King of Horrors. God of Hauntings.

Romantic Interests

Someone with the same mind as me

My Story Is...

I’m a 4 century old spirit that has walked along this World for many years. My powers are…complicated. I was killed without a heart. My hearts desire is to find out what
Love is meant to be.

My powers came from the spiritual world. I have all the powers that exist in every world. There are people out there that want me dead. They want my powers.

I’m also the one who keeps dreams and nightmares balanced. I create some dreams but I mostly create nightmares.

I was always summoned by witches and wizards to aid them or to kill someone for them. But mostly they ask for a gift of power from me. It depends on what heart they have. Either it’s a pure heart or an unpure heart.I

Secret Life: In my secret life, I am known as Arc. A singer, music producer, an artist, and a normal boy.

Real Life: I am a warrior, a teacher, a God, and a legend. A spirit of balance between good and evil.



Element: My element is the Spiritual Power. It has the ability to contain all elements in the world and absorb new elements. My core element is water.


Magic: My magic is Telekinesis and Void. I mostly use magic when I am haunting someone or when I do my daily routine.


Semblance: My semblance is called Presence. I can summon my spiritual guides to help me in battle. My spiritual guides are a black snake.and a while snake named Yin and Yang. They can either correspond with my fighting skills. Or go rogue.

If you the ones who want to kill me then go ahead. But I’ll ask you this first…..


Can someone die again?





For witches, wizards and those who want something that you desire:


If you desire a gift of power or a wish, then you must summon the Haunter. But there are some things you must notice.

1. If you have dealt with the devil then don’t summon the Haunter

2. You must not be a servant or host of the devil or any evil spirits.

3. You must have an offering for the Haunter. It can be from your blood to your prized possession.

4. You must think of your desire very clearly. Once you summon Haunter, there’s no going back.

5. If you ignore these warnings, then your soul will stay yours but your heart will be his forever.


Haunter Summoning Ritual:


1. Find a dark room or a dark part in the forest.

2. Sit in the darkness with a candle in your hands.

3. Say his name 5 times.

4. Then quickly think of what you desire. (Notice: sometimes you will get something that is close to what you desire)

5. Once the Haunter appears in front of you, place the candle in front of you and stare at the candle.

6. Don’t look at his face.

7. Count to 10 in your head and look at him.

8. If he sits in front of you then lay down straight on the ground and sleep with your offering on your chest. If he walks away then blow out your candle and go to your house and sleep with your offering outside the door.

9. When you wake up, you’ll have what you desire.



There are many stories of the Haunter. In fact, Arc has many proxies that join his hauntings. These characters are very scary but not as scary as the Haunter himself. At Haunter’s house, the hauntings last until 3 am. If you wanted to stay here, I’ll give you a room with cameras to watch your surroundings. Let me tell you what these characters will do to you if you spend the night with them.


Tick Tock Tom: Tom is a boy who’s head was not screwed right. Half of his head is literally made of gears and clock parts. His right eye is a small pocket watch. At Arc’s house, Tom is mostly in the clock room. He has the ability to control time. Once in a while he’ll go to your room and spook you. But if you hear 12 ticks from a clock then Tom will scare and kill.


Apex Predator: Apex is another boy with an insane mind. He has lived in the forest for many years and lived like an animal. He has the ability to control nature and shadows. At Arc’s house, he’s in the forge making weapons for the crew. Once in a while, he’ll talk insanely about how he’ll kill you or that he’s coming for you but don’t fall for it. But if you hear running, close all of the doors in your room.


Dollface: Dollface is a girl who has been treated very awful. She wears a doll mask that only covers half her face. She has the ability to move things with her mind. At Arc’s house, she’s mostly in the kitchen cooking or sitting quietly. Once in a while, she’ll be trying to slowly go to the hallway to your room, so check your cameras for her to slow her progress. Off you don’t see her in the kitchen, then it’s too late.


Lily: Lily is a little neko girl who was saved by the Haunter, who’s now her father. She may be cute but she can be very terrifying. She has the ability to make you she things. Once in a while, you’ll see many clones of Lily, so don’t worry if you see a Lily with black eyes. But if you see Lily with golden eyes then close your doors before it’s too late. At Arc’s house, she’s usually in her bedroom resting so you might want to check on the cameras for Lily.


Haunteress: Dabria is the Haunteress, the love for The Haunter. She wears similar clothing to Haunter. She has also been with Haunter for 4 centuries. She has the same element as Haunter. At Arc’s house, she’s usually in the front room, the dining room, or watching over Lily, her daughter. If she isn’t in those locations then wait until you see her. If you see her in front of a door then close the door opposite of where she is. Or else.


Haunter: Arc is a 4 century old spirit that died at the age of 17. He wear a black coat and a mask that only covered his eyes. He has the ability to do anything he pleases. At his house, no one knows were Arc is, but he does like to sneak in your room. Once in a awhile, you’ll see him in front of you. As long as you don’t look at his eyes you’ll be fine. Often, he’ll spook you with a statement. Just don’t try to find him.

My Appearance

My left eye is blue and my right eye is red. I wear a black coat and I always have my hood on. I also have a tattoo above my right eye. It’s similar to a snake fang. I mostly dress in black. I have short hair and a sword behind my back.


The Blade of Hauntings

time freezing stones

A light bulb in a cage.(Lantern)

My Secrets Are...

Sorry, dead man tell no tales.

I Believe...

That I'll fulfill my heart's desire