Who Am I...

Hazel (last name unknown to her) – a half-succubus aged 19

Romantic Interests

Bisexual, and accepts any weary traveller into her bed.

My Story Is...

My father is Dynoth, a now ancient incubus, who has turned blind from age. My mother is Vhesira – a human female who survived a night with my father. Unfortunately, my mother died during childbirth.

On one of my first ‘feeding’ sessions, I was cursed by a witch who I had unintentionally targeted, and I now only gain enough energy from sexual activities to stay alive, and most of my victims end up feeling rejuvenated and carefree, and so I have decided to make that my task, to help weary travellers.

I will accept any person, of any gender or species, into my bed, for only the small price of satisfaction (if i do not feel satisfied, then I will hunt you down afterwards.)

My Appearance

I have short brown hair, and pale skin. I am usually wearing a metallic red bikini-style armour, and a black set of underwear underneath. [B-cup/ green eyes/ red wings and horns/ tail] I also keep a small leather satchel with me, to store my things. I was born with very pale skin, and have small fangs – I do not suck blood though, they are merely a side-effect of being part human part succubus.


Hand mirror (to check up on my appearance) , Spare set of underwear (just in case I get a bit ‘too’ excited) , A small selection of sex toys (just to make sure I can satisfy some female customers, and myself, if needed) , Makeup (a succubus needs to look her best!) , House keys (to get into my house – pretty obvious) , Map and compass (to make sure that I don’t get lost.)

My Secrets Are...

I have never known my mother, and am only half succubus – secrets will be added here through my roleplaying adventure, do not mention these unless you have heard about them through rp’ing with me.

I Believe...

That I will one day find a way to resurrect my mother.