Nyxon Chastain

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Who Am I...

Better the devil you know…

My Story Is...

A white knight fantasy or two beds & and coffee machine? Born and raised on the outskirts of a small town situated south-west of Consequence, Nyx grew up in a household of five; his mother and father and two siblings, both of which had flown the nest early. His mother had been diagnosed with an incurable blood disease and his father had turned to alcoholism to beat away the responsibility of having to look after his frail and sickly wife, leaving Nyx to fend for himself. And he did.



Full name: Nyxon Akron Chastain
Nickname/s: Nxy, AK, Chassy, ChopShop
Age: thirty-five (35)
Eye color: Roasted almond
Hair color: Dark chocolate with sable “darklights”
Weight: 186lbs
Height: 6’4”
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Romantic Interests:


Occupation: Automotive mechanic in Consequence

Vehicle: 1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat in metallic burnt orange with two thick hurricane grey racing stripes down the front bonnet and sides


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Gabrielle Carlton;
Her voice was honey; liquid raindrops upon the tongue. And I loved her. She steeled my backbone and supported me like no other woman had. Gabrielle’s laughter drowned out the sound of the city’s sirens, her kisses richer than the most decadent chocolate and sweeter too. I craved her in the most undying of ways. I wanted to possess her ever way that I could. But she was too wild to be caged. Too soon she’d slipped from my arms and I’d lost her to the wilds of the city. At 3:45pm on May 12th, 2016, I stood a stranger at her funeral.



“You have to stop doing that-”


“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”




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My Appearance

Six feet four inches tall, dark hair, dark eyes, bronzed complexion, athletic with ropes of sinewy muscle taut beneath the skin. Scars aplenty. Inkwork across various parts of his body.




Cellular device (a cellphone basically)

Drum sticks, occasionally.

A decorative butterfly knife with exsquisite, intricately designed handle.

Handcrafted bow with self-replenishing (magically enchanted) quiver of armor piercing arrows.



My Secrets Are...

I was told you were utterly no good…